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Mysterious Cauldrons in Siberian Valley of Death Still Unsolved

A story popped up this week concerning a region of Siberia whose Russian name means “Valley of Death” and the mysterious partially-submerged metal cauldrons alleged to be seen there that have defied explanation and have been attributed to aliens. Are they some kind of warning or protection system? Could these be related to the mysterious Siberian craters?

The video refers to an expedition – possibly in 2013 – to the “Valley of Death” (more about that later) led by scientist Michale Visok to investigate alleged giant metal cauldrons whose existence has been claimed in local folk tales. The area was warm enough that the cauldrons were said to be partially submerged in marshes. While the report gave great details on the makeup of the team (3 geologists, 1 astrophysicist, 1 mechanical engineer and 3 research assistants), there was less on the metal objects they found (submerged in small pools 2-3 feet deep, metallic-sounding when walked on, smooth with sharp points on outer edges) and they somehow neglected to take any pictures! There was a reference to another expedition to possibly cut into the metal but no later reports can be found.

According to earlier reports, the folklore of the cauldrons dates back to the formation of the Uliuiu Cherkechekh or Valley of Death some 800 years ago by a cataclysmic event like the Tunguska meteorite in 1908. Stories of fireballs, explosions and scorched earth sound like a similar meteorite impact. Were the metal cauldrons there already? That’s where a different mix of folk tales starts.

A frequently-seen drawing of a local on a reindeer inspecting a cauldron

A frequently-seen drawing of a local on a reindeer inspecting a cauldron

An early report of a copper cauldron with only the top exposed dates back to 1853 but the most popular ones are about nomads who found similar metal ones in the 1930 and later who used them to get out of the winter cold until they became sick from them. What made them sick? Could be radiation. Could be methane. Could be aliens.

A popular explanation for the cauldrons is that they’re a meteorite protection bunker system installed by aliens for humans in this area of high meteorite (and possibly even hostile aliens) area.

A drawing of what a cauldron might look like before sinking

A drawing of what a cauldron might look like before sinking

This all sounds promising, and it would be if there were some pictures of these cauldrons. Unfortunately, all that exists are the few simple drawings of underground dwellings. The reason given for not being able to see them now is that they’ve sunk under the permafrost and only earth-covered domes are visible.


Pingo or covered cauldron?

Which leads us to the Siberian holes. The most popular scientific non-alien explanation for these craters is that they’re the result of explosions caused by pingos – underground methane bubbles covered by a frozen dirt plug that explode or collapse when the permafrost melts or the methane is ignited. The pre-crater pingos could be dirt-covered metal cauldrons to those with limited experience and vivid imaginations.

What's the first rule of Explorers Club? Never talk about who forgot to bring a camera.

A selfie in front of a mysterious metal cauldron would have been better than this.

Where does that leave us today? We have a Valley of Death in an area with a history of destructive meteorites. We have videos of researchers in swamps allegedly standing on the metallic roofs of underground cauldrons. We have ancient folk tales mixed with modern ones. We have drawings but no photographs.

The mysterious cauldrons of Siberia’s Valley of Death are still a mystery waiting to be solved. Kickstarter project anyone?

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  • alexx52

    The more I read and learn, the more I realize how little I really know.

  • Daniel Maguire

    I have to wonder if this has any relation to that ‘Moon Shaft’ story from WWII that was on Mysterious Universe a few months ago?

  • AS

    I’m struck by the reindeer drawing. If accurate in its depiction could this mean the so-called cauldrons are in fact some sort sunken exotic ship? The arc and the rim the man and reindeer are peering into are reminiscent of a jet engine. Perhaps the ‘cauldrons’ are in point of fact ‘engines’ misunderstood for something they hadn’t the words for. This might explain the radiation sickness prior expeditions faced, the ‘power plant’ is still in there, suffering some sort of melt down ages ago it has persisted until recent times.

  • Krater

    You sure do have a wild and wacky imagination. You’re ready to believe that there are crashed alien spacecraft in Siberia with depleted nuclear cores based on supposed word of mouth mythology and exactly zero actual evidence, simply because you read an article by an author that can’t even proofread his own material before posting it online for the whole world to see.

    Yeah, you’ve got my attention. I’m going to ridicule you at every opportunity, wacko.

  • J.Griffin

    “I’m so confused by the things I read-
    I need the truth…
    but the truth is,
    I don’t know who to believe!

    The left say yes and the right says no
    I’m in between and the more I learn…
    the less that I know!

    Faith be with me now-
    I’m just a dreamer in a dreamland…”

    “Borrowed Time”

  • Washingtons Angel of Light

    These caldrons worked with a low earth orbit station called Anu station. Anu is an enity artificially created inside a quantumn computer thats is a computer generated chakra that connects with a device placed at the begining of the big bang to actually download sections of the future to the annunaki admin in order to see up and comming events It worked with the orgone generated by living things and the pyramid grid system to charge these turrets to protect us from not only our own sol system asteroid s but the galatic ones as well. A.k.a tiamats wind. The georgian snake mound crater still had another set of caldron turrets but the weapon part has now been destroyed….but the powersource is still active underground..creating the emf effects. American military bases have been placed at the new recalculated grid points in an attempt to repair this power system with haarp technology. The reptilians have shut off this system on purpose. Earth is the long lost lyra empire homeworld. Hear me. I dont waste time srudying this and then tell you on here because i like making this up. This is all based on info others had already gathered.