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16.20 – MU Podcast


We blow the dust off ancient biblical texts and hebrew manuscripts to uncover an episode filled with ancient technology and the tale of a nuclear powered Manna generating machine that saved the Israelites.

The 3rd man effect in wartime and tales of doppleganger airplanes is then discussed in our plus extension along with a South African pastor’s unique anti-demon spray.


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  • Mr Twank L Bang

    Glad to hear you guys talk about the Zohar. Extremely interesting text. Another interesting text, written in the modern era but relevant to the middle ages, late antiquity, and antiquity, is Sacred Mushroom and Holy Cross. Helluva book if you read it with an open mind (meaning not taking it too seriously even though the author’s fairly credible). Here’s an online version.

    Also, concerning ancient text mentioning alien-like beings, check out the Nag Hammandi and its Arcons.

  • rachel anne kitter

    haha this was an awesome episode of MU to put on in the car for a road trip with my husband listening… lol. he thinks i listen to some strange stuff…. but we both got a good chuckle. most believable account religious history that i’ve come across! keep up the good work, guys!