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14.22 – MU Plus+ Podcast

After opening up our delivery of material from the legendary Rex Gilroy we examine tales of freakishly huge creatures reported throughout Australia.

With giant snakes, football sized spiders and bipedal lizards, there’s plenty around to keep the Yowies well fed.

We then close the show on tales of teleportation, time slips, and glitches in the matrix.

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  • Elan’ R Trinidad

    We have “Gay Yowie”: a gay Australian Bigfoot. And we have “Yaoi”: (pronounced similarly) which is a genre of manga, targeted at young girls, about gay school boys.


  • Nyoo

    This might be stupid, but just a small tid bit that happened while listening to the part about the glitch in the matrix just right now at work… My work consist me copy and paste in some documents. As I was checking my work listening to your podcast… I realized I missed these quotation marks that were around a word, which is nearly impossible.. since I only copy and paste the text in. If it’s human error, accidentally deleting, why did I delete quotes from both side of the word…