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16.23 – MU Podcast


Not so psychic ‘Psychic-Animal’ stories get us started this week with life saving seagulls and horse detectives. We then investigate the history of The Nine and the ET collective that influenced Star Trek.

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  • Just before listening to this podcast I watched the interview with Charles Tart on Jeffrey Mishlove’s channel on YouTube, where they talk about the same characters as you are discussing in the story about Andrija Puharich, the Nine et al. Yet another synchronicity in the story.

    Awesome voice impersonation of the “alien” intelligent beings in the same segment, by the way!

    Love the show. Thanks again, guys!

  • Janet Winslow

    As a broadcast engineer, I can throw some light on the alien voice over the Southern TV channel mentioned in this episode. It was a clever prank, nothing more. This particular TV transmitter was chosen for very specific technical reasons. All my colleagues know how it was likely to have been done. It can’t be done now.