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16.24 – MU Podcast


We close out 2016 with a fun look at the “Secret Space Program” predictions for 2017, how Pizza-gate is being linked to Alien disclosure, and why King Plachacha has declared war on the Reptilians.

We then look back on some of our favourite MU characters from years past and ask “Where are they now?” before seriously considering the Daemon concept in our Plus+ extension.

**This is our last podcast of the year and we’ll be returning on Wednesday the 11th of January for Plus+ members and Friday the 13th of January for our Free podcast.**




The Space Mayans in their Teal outfits.


Pleiadian harlot comes through the portal.

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    All the best for xmas & the new year lads. Love the show since I first heard it. M.U. is the king of all sites. Cheers big ears from Liverpool UK. Stay safe.Tom. Keep it up. 😉


    David Wilcock is full of shit!! Just like his nosejob!! And he has a shite hairdo!! Lol. He is really clutching at straws this time!! Why do folks take this tit seriously? Anytime I see him or hear him getting in on other peoples ideas a red flag goes up!! He is a fucking charlatan of the worst type and yet he makes a good living off the shite he peddles!! How? Why? Sorry for the language lads but I sense something bogus about that tool! When I think or read of the Blue Avians I always think of the Python dead parrot routine because its dead as a fucking doornail! Blue Avians= Norwegian Blue!! Ha! Someone should remind Wilcock about all the shit he says because time after time he makes these snide predictions that NEVER come true but no one ever calls him out on it! He just talks shit again the next year…and the next etc. And HE GETS PAID & gets his books published without any evidence at all! Sorry for the rant lads. Thank you. 😉 Have a rocking holiday….


    Okay one more & then Im gone. The only thing that would make that whole thing about the woman walking through Coreys wall even slightly truthful would be if she was wearing a big fuck off strap on with his name on it! Softass would be sitting on the sofa bollock naked with a dumb smile on his face! IDIOT!! And these are the cream of the crop they send to Mars? Get fucked!! Lol. Pardon my lingo lads. 😉 Corey……you fucking divvy!

  • JahaRa

    Corey Goode sounds like a 4 year old making up a story. What an idiot, and anyone who believes any of his silly stories is even more stupid.

    “…36 packs a day” Really? “Yeah!”

    Leave Nikii and Hilary alone! LOL!

  • JahaRa

    Ptah sounds a lot like JZ Knight. Hmmmm

  • Matthew G.p Mills

    Ok so good. I’m from NZ and thought you’d like to know that there was news surrounding buzz auldren’s visit to hospital when he was rushed to New Zealand. The doctor that saw him was called. Wait for it. Dr David Bowie. Yes he was looked after by the star man 🙂 look it up!!! Classic ay

  • Justin317

    He who judges without actually analyzing both sides is a fool, there is much evidence and data he sources from. Educate yourself before you speak

  • Joseph Monico

    Just wondering if theres an official Connie Nakamura Cloud 9 video and not one of him singing karaoke of himself…

  • MU
  • Joseph Monico

    Kek bless you. I never knew it was after “Valentine” as I normally do not watch more than 5 seconds oh him.

  • zerocool1101