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17.02 – MU Podcast


Award winning investigative journalist Scott Carney returns to discuss his new book ‘What Doesn’t Kill Us’ and his training in the Wim Hof method.

Carney examines Hof’s remarkable ability to control his body temperature in extreme cold and how his unique training has forced modern science to rethink our conscious control of our physiology.


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Scott Carney


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  • StoneUmbrella

    I, too, have seen UFOs dropping those blue orbs that disappear before they hit the ground. Two times I have seen them they were close to my neighborhood which is near a Native American burial ground. (Tampa Bay area). Im glad its not just me seeing those blue ones.

  • vasras

    FYI: There’s a simple breathing trick to warm up your hands and feet if you suffer from Raynaud’s disease (like I do). You can consider it as a taster for the full Wim Hoff method. It’s based, imho, on the work of Konstantin Buteyko (i.e. Buteyko method).

    Simple instructions here (no, I’m not selling anything, nor am I affiliated):

    For some, it may require more than one try, but it pretty much works for everyone.

  • Sergei Grimanov

    I’ve red an article that explanes that people of north (eskimos, chukcha, etc) has an unic gene, so their bodies can convert body fat into heat directly. Other people don’t have such ability, and must produce heat thrue muscules (shivering).