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17.03 – MU Podcast


Artist Sean Bartock joins us to discuss his memoirs of alien abductions, native spirits, and high strangeness from his book ‘Flashbacks‘.

Bartock believes he had experienced multiple abductions since his childhood, but with the memories remaining mostly hidden, it would take a life change in his early 40s and a series of strange encounters to unlock the true nature of his experiences.

Sean Bartok


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  • JahaRa

    Ben, as usual your interview with Sean was great. You are the best interviewer and I am going to buy the book.

    As for the woman who quit because you “support Playboy”, It is ridiculous. Evidence that we are living in the zombie apocalypse.

    I am really enjoying the Green Stone story.

  • rachel anne kitter

    omg u guys had me in tears of laughter about the woman who doesn’t appreciate your avid support of playboy. i needed a good LOL thanks!!

  • since he mentioned his eye problem, I guess some of these incidents are related to Charles bonnet syndrome. btw crazy story