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15.06 – MU Plus+ Podcast

The ‘Honeymoon Killer’ and the curse of the Alkimoss are featured before we discuss a Venusian lover’s home wrecking plans.

We then look at the alleged modern incarnation of Catalina de Erauso and her links to 1950’s contactees.

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  • Brent Swancer

    I covered the Alkimos here at MU as well some time ago.

  • Phillip Rubianes

    I have seen her in more recent times (the angry lez i mean) in Skyrim!!! as Lydia… lol
    but for real i could not stop laughing, almost lost my S#%tT when i heard “crystal ice cave in Uranus” HAHAHA
    but one quest… if he had detail memories why not write about what he thought “gods law thing…? guess even aliens thing with the other head as well lol..