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17.14 – MU Podcast


Reports of people disappearing in forests and national parks across the world continue with David Paulides’ latest: Missing 411 – Hunters.  

We review the strangest cases and again try to make sense of the mystery.

Our Plus+ extension then features the new book from Cody Cassidy and Paul Doherty ‘And Then You’re Dead’, answering important questions like “What would happen if I stuck my hand in the large hadron collider?”.



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  • Kim W

    Since a lot of these cases happen around bodies of water, any one think there might be something along the lines of a small scale Limnic Eruption occurring? It would account for a lack of oxygen and subsequently odd behavior of the victims…

    Other things that make me think a natural occurring Limnic Eruption-like event is occurring:

    1. “Many victims [of limnic eruptions] were found with blisters on their skin. This is believed to have been caused by pressure ulcers” (potential cause of people having lesions/pressure sensitivity on the bottom of their feet)

    2. “The carbon dioxide released from the lake is at a very low temperature believed to cause frostbite” (accounts for odd “exposure” cause of deaths)

    3. “high concentrations, carbon dioxide acts as a sensory hallucinogenic” (people that have been found reported feeling odd, behaving oddly)

    4. If there were still some traces of carbon dioxide from some sort of event, it might account for the odd behavior of search and rescue dogs. Dogs that are exposed to higher than normal C02 levels whine, pant, and show signs of extreme anxiety

    5. Surely large amounts of carbon dioxide would have some sort of effect on weather patterns.

  • Helen Noble

    This was a very interesting episode! At one point in the discussion you were talking about a wall of fog or mist that is sometimes a feature in a disappearance. One of you asked if the other could think of anything else involving fog and the response was no. It suddenly came to me that “a wall of fog” was often a factor in some of Carlos Castenada’s adventures. It’s been at least 15 years since I read any of his books, but I vividly remember that Carlos and Don Juan would often enter the wall of fog prior to changing locations! Mention of the wall of fog probably starts in the third or fourth book of the series. Since it was linked to movement between places I wonder this is a similar phenomena to what the missing encounter.

  • RenaissanceLady

    In the case of the pilot sucked out, it was due to a mechanic who used the wrong bolts to fasten the windows.

  • Ross Condit

    In the beginning of the story, you talked about a man being compelled to run out into the jungle without his boots. I kept thinking that this sounded a lot like the Dyatalov Pass mystery where they all ran out of their tent–cutting their way out in a white hot panic–without boots, clothes, supplies–in winter. All died of exposure (it being winter and all), they were found near their tent months later , some found by water. Have there been other mass events? Love to hear you guys and David Paulides pick up on this.

  • JahaRa

    Here’s something to think about in the Missing 411 stories, Aaron, I know you are thinking of a possibility of E.T intervention, but the U.S. government was experimenting openly with weather manipulation in the 60’s, then suddenly no one talks about it and weird weather is happening. Don’t underestimate the ability of local human abilities. As for David Paulides, he is a cop and has some need for attention and the ability to blow people off when they point out flaws in his reasoning. He is a story teller who manipulates his data to fit his “statistics”, not always but recently. Research a 2015 missing person from Chiricahua, Arizona. He ignores some very compelling facts to make it fit in his “pattern”, also the idea that a two year old can’t travel two miles alone under any circumstances also is a flaw in his logic. If you have ever lived with an active two year old in a rural area you know how far they can go if motivated.

  • Zara Nordström

    In Sweden there is a lot of old tales about “Vättar” (fairys) that makes you dance all night until you die, if u lost in the forest

  • MU

    Hey Dumbass, Comments are not immediately moderated so there can be a delay between posting them and appearing on the site. Seems like you’re the one that’s a bit thin skinned…

  • ZombieLenin

    This reminds me of the “Dancing Plagues” from medieval Europe.

  • Cam

    I bet that warrior ended up in Mexico City when the mist took him. Hahaha.

  • mori.tori

    It doesn’t seem that surprising that people who go missing tend to be at “extreme ends of the bell curve of intelligence” — very intelligent people tend to be more depressed than the general population, which probably means there are higher rates of suicide in that group. Unintelligent people probably don’t have judgment as good as the rest of the population. And with people with health conditions — heart disease/stroke/etc. can very much lead to erratic behavior.

  • mori.tori

    A theory about Dyatlov Pass is that the erratic behavior of the victims were caused by acute hypothermia — panic, along with feeling too hot to wear clothes (caused by the blood rushing to the extremities after having been concentrated to the core of the body)

  • Aloysius

    I remember you all talked about a similar phenomenon where a host would
    be “infected” and do things contrary to their survival, like the ants hanging on the tips of grass to be eaten by birds more easily.

  • Moira

    Fantastic show, guys. I marked it as a favorite. Well done!

  • Christopher Sterkel

    Love your guy’s show, just got plus a while ago and I am working on catching up, I like how you guys talked about the sliding doors phenomenon, and I was very interested in what you guys had to say about fate, if you guys are more interested in that subject you should look into the theorys of the “illusion of free will”