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15.18 – MU Plus+ Podcast

We continue to investigate the claims of an Airforce radar operator with memories of abductions and experimentation at the hands of both the military and extra-terrestrials. 

As her military “missing time” is slowly revealed it raises new disturbing questions about human involvement in an ET agenda.

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  • Nathan

    Los Angeles is filled to the brim with self-righteous, delusional do-gooders. It’s no surprise you have residents accusing squirrels of racism. That city is a blight to the environment and to the social and political situation in my state and country.

  • Peter Modisc

    Let me get straight…… can travel faster than the speed of light or compress / bend space.
    Can cover up and fool the entire human race.
    But can’t create worker robots….automation…. or VR sex slaves…. they don’t need us…. if “they” are even real…
    The sad thing its real to her 🙁