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17.19 – MU Podcast


Cosmological architecture and intelligent design are the focus this week as we look at the work of Christopher Knight and Alan Butler. 

We follow their research into ancient units of measurement, their relationship to our earth, moon, and star and what message this relationship has left behind for human beings.


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  • rachel anne kitter

    what a great episode, guys! quite intrigued with the self-replicating robots theory. definitely one of those “whoah” moments when it all came together! thanks for the that awesome report aaron.
    and, have fun at contact in the desert, ben! can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

  • Pseudonymble

    The moon and measurements were the best parts!!

  • Peter Modisc

    Simulation. Just more evidence.

  • Kyle

    Something like this, right?

  • Miguel Aranha

    Your use of words like “beautiful” and “elegant” reminded me of the fact that Einstein said he knew the theory of relativity was right even before he did the calculations for it because it was so beautiful.

    A huge struggle for anyone trying to defend an atheistic worldview is explaining how come, if there’s no God, we humans are capable of realizing it. If we’re simply the product of evolution, there’s no reason to assume our brains are powerful enough or built in such a way that would allow us to understand the nature of reality.

    These ideas about the ratios of these three bodies suggest something even more interesting. Not only are we capable of doing math with apparently no evolutionary selection for that specific ability but the world seems to have been created to be understood by that exact ability.

    The last part about video-games was a bit scarier. What if these entities are advanced enough that universe creation kits are a dime a dozen and anyone can just create one? What if some enlightened alien decided to create a planet with stupid monkeys who are obsessed by mammary glands just to watch them struggle making sense of it all. You know, the way we love to mess with our Sims.