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Archive of Nick Redfern

    Dragon by Kizette via

    Chasing the Dragon

    For three years Richard Freeman worked as Head of Reptiles at Twycross Zoo, England and, today, is the Zoological Director of one of the world’s premier cryptozoological investigation groups: namely, the Center for Fortean Zoology. And while Freeman has a passion for all aspects of cryptozoolgy, it…

    Flatwoods Monster

    A Monster Hoax?

    There can be few very people within the realms of Ufology and Cryptozoology that have never heard of the so-called Flatwoods Monster, or Braxton County Monster, of 1952 – a bizarre, giant beast that some researchers view as being definitively extraterrestrial in nature, and others perceive as having…

    Серп и молот (hoz y martillo) by Inmigrante a media jornada via

    Commie Contactees

    Well, it’s not often I do a post that is so close in nature to one I’ve just written, but on this occasion I’ll make an exception! A few days ago I wrote an article here at Mysterious Universe addressing the theory that some of the Contactees…

    Demons of the City (are coming out on Friday 13) by Gilderic (Very very slow internet connection) via

    Ghosts or Monsters?

    People often ask me: why aren’t we ever able to secure hard, physical evidence of the presence and existence of such beasts as Bigfoot, lake-monsters, the Yeti etc? Well, it’s a very good question! Some might argue that given such creatures may be so few in number, this explains…

    FBI Doc

    Contactees or Secret Agents?

    One of the most outrageous, but certainly intriguing, theories surrounding the early years of the Contactee movement suggests the Contactees were in the clandestine employ of the United States’ Intelligence community. Their secret role: to spread outlandish – and utterly fictitious – tales of trips to the…

    Smoke by TomConger via

    A Ufological Deep Throat?

    When it comes to UFOs and insider sources willing to impart apparently extraordinary and secret information on UFOs, we hear a great deal. The alleged revelations of the notorious “Falcon” in the affair of MJ12 and Roswell is a perfect case in point. And, of course, it’s…

    You lookin' at me? by Art Rock (Hennie) via

    Goat-Man Terror!

    I’m sometimes asked, what’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever investigated. Well, answering that question is no easy task, as there have been quite a few of them! But, without doubt, one of the strangest is that of the saga of the Goat-Man of Lake Worth, Texas –…

    Gigantopithecus by Craig Newsom via flickr

    Monstrous Statistics!

    Just recently, over at my Cryptozoology-themed blog, There’s Something in the Woods, I ran a poll asking people for their views and opinions on the controversy surrounding Bigfoot. Was it an unknown animal? A relic population of the presumed long-extinct monster-ape known as Gigantopithecus? A paranormal entity?…

    Beata Vergine by selva via

    A Religious Deception?

    Back in late 2010, probably the most controversial book I have ever written was published: Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife. The book told the story of an officially-funded think-tank – the Collins Elite – that concluded rather than coming from…

    Wings of the fallen by Garrette via

    Fantastic Flying Folk!

    Certainly, one of the most mystifying aspects of the strange realm of Forteana is that relative to sightings of flying humanoids. Now, when I say that, I’m specifically not talking about vaguely human-like forms that seem far more monstrous in nature – like the famous Mothman of…

    all of chuey so far by Pippypippy via

    The Island Monster

    Since at least the mid-1990s, dark and sinister stories have surfaced from the forests and lowlands of Puerto Rico that tell of a strange creature roaming the landscape, while striking overwhelming terror into the hearts of the populace – which is not surprising since the animal is…

    Marilyn Monroe by kaytaria via

    Marilyn & Roswell

    By far the most controversial piece of unauthenticated documentation pertaining to UFOs concerns none other than the late Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe. It was during a press conference in 1995 that Milo Speriglio – an investigative author now deceased, who wrote three books on Monroe’s death: The…