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Season 17 Archive


    17.19 – MU Podcast

    Cosmological architecture and intelligent design are the focus this week as we look at the work of Christopher Knight and Alan Butler.  We follow their research into ancient units of measurement, their relationship to our earth, moon, and star and what message this relationship has left behind…


    17.18 – MU Podcast

    UFO attacks and saucer doctors feature this week with more strange cases featuring physiological evidence of contact. We also include a young boy’s pet bubble, the parallel matriarchy dimension, and a return of the Elephant charming Yogi masters of India. Links UFO Healings: True Accounts of People…


    17.17 – MU Podcast

    This week we look at the latest collection of Whistleblower testimony from Steven Greer and unpack the complicated web of Special Access Programs and Black Ops money manipulation. We then tell the tale of a man kidnapped in the Amazon jungle by a tribe of Shaman who train…


    17.16 – MU Podcast

    Missing 411 suspects get lined up for this episode as we look at the patterns of strange activity that bind them together.  The Australian Yowie returns in a very vocal way along with insane tales of Orb-nappings from the Blue Mountains. We then return to the so…


    17.15 – MU Podcast

    This week we take a detour into the dark world of terror sponsored insider-trading, financial warfare, and Wall St.’s AI “Manhattan Project”. Along the way we discover more on the fractal nature of reality and dig up some doubloons, before our kitchen is invaded by a clever…


    17.14 – MU Podcast

    Reports of people disappearing in forests and national parks across the world continue with David Paulides’ latest: Missing 411 – Hunters.   We review the strangest cases and again try to make sense of the mystery. Our Plus+ extension then features the new book from Cody Cassidy…


    17.13 – MU Podcast

    This week we are joined by author and investigative journalist Leslie Kean to discuss her new book Surviving Death. Kean, well known for her New York Times best seller ‘UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record’, reveals stunning and varied evidence suggesting that consciousness survives…


    17.12 – MU Podcast

    This week we peel back the occult layers to investigate the Merovingian bloodline, Rennes-le-Château, and Ouija board sessions with antediluvian God-Kings of old.  We then share the true horror of history’s worst plagues and the Tantra of Tachikawa-ryu Sponsors MVMT Watches – Join the movement and get 15%…


    17.11 – MU Podcast

    Japanese “Forest Bathing” and getting high on hinoki feature this week as we look at the ‘The Nature Fix’ and the disease fighting, health enhancing benefits of our natural environments. We then examine 19th century cases of strange abductions from Japan that bizarrely mirror David Paulides’ Missing…


    17.10 – MU Podcast

    After an eventful trip to the Theosophical library we return with stories of “Oriental Wisdom” and tall tales from one Alexander Cannon that ultimately lead us to more Nazi WWII conspiracy and intrigue. In our Plus+ extension we then investigate spectral encounters with animal spirits, ghost doggos, and…


    17.09 – MU Podcast

    After our team of analysts takes on the latest Wiki leaks ‘Vault 7’ release we turn to new time-slip experiences involving future cities and New Orleans bordellos.  We then cover perhaps the most chilling of all MU topics… the dreaded ‘Haunted Honky Tonk Piano’ and in our…


    17.08 – MU Podcast

    German author Norman Ohler joins us this week to discuss his ground breaking bestseller ‘Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany’. Ohler’s research details the pervasive use of methamphetamines by the entire Third Reich and how Hitler’s private physician changed the course of the war with his injected cocktails…