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  • UFO Phenomenon

    UFOs: Close Encounters and Credible Witnesses

    Just a few days ago, I had to deal with a certain, tedious UFO skeptic in the field of journalism who asked a question I often get asked when the matter of UFOs surface: “Why don’t credible people see UFOs?” Well, my answer to him was this: “They do see UFOs!” But, if a skeptic can’t…

  • cigar_1.jpg89b8a49e-84b9-422f-8465-f0174c4cb0dfOriginal
    UFO Phenomenon

    UFOs Over Wales: A 1909 Wave

    In 1909, the U.K. was hit by a strange wave of largely night-time encounters with what many might term UFOs. Particularly hard hit by the mysterious, aerial intruders was Wales. Brett Holman, who has extensively studied this issue, says in an excellent article: “On the night of 23 March 1909, a police constable named Kettle saw…

  • 15_19_banner
    Podcasts, Season 15

    15.19 – MU Podcast

    Modern sightings of the ‘Hidden Folk’ are revealed this week as we speak to four eyewitnesses who claim they’ve encountered Faeries.  We also feature ‘Faception’ and the controversy of AI driven personality profiling, Were-panther cults of the 1930s, and the absurdity of desert penguins. Sponsor – Visit to find smart-home security experts in your area….

  • 7db454b508233e7a8e24f71154d9e724

    Morgawr: Monster of the Deep

    In August 2010, Elizabeth Randall (an English author, good friend, and seeker of all-things weird) said that according to a sensational article that appeared in the pages of the British Daily Mail newspaper that same month, “…a picture has been circulating on the Internet purporting to show a sea monster that, so far seems to have…

  • black human like cloud

    The Strange Saga of Boston’s Flying Goliath

    Now and again I’ll come across a story that isn’t just bizarre, but which is beyond bizarre. What follows is without doubt one of them. It’s the very curious saga of what became known as Boston’s “Flying black giant.” Yep, we’re talking about what are termed “Flying Humanoids.” Most people with an interest in all-things Fortean…


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