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    Plus+ Podcasts, Season 11 Plus+

    11.16 – MU Plus+ Podcast

    After a FUBAR weekend we return to find chrome extensions reading our emotions, Chinese human DNA experiments, and project Elysium VR. We also feature Egyptology dummy spits and dream telepathy research. This episode is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ Members. To join, click HERE. Links Google could turn your home’s walls into screens Greetings, Dr. Home Hub: Future…

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    Podcasts, Season 13

    13.15 – MU Podcast

    We look at the controversy surrounding NASA’s new accidental discovery and what it could mean for the future of space travel. UFO secrecy is also featured along with fringe reports from abductees and conspiracy researchers. The MU Android App is LIVE Links IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Fell On the Slopes, Suffered a Concussion, and It…

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    Mind Wars – Reviewing A Great New Book

    It’s always a good day when a new book comes along from Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman. And today is a very good day! I’ve just finished reading their new book, Mind Wars, which does not disappoint in the slightest. It’s fascinating, illuminating and – you’ll soon come to see why – highly disturbing, in…

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    Bizarre, Cryptozoology, UFO Phenomenon

    Strange Creatures and Circuses

    Back in 2011, at his A Different Perspective blog, Kevin Randle provided us with an excellent post on one of the most intriguing, and controversial, cases within the realm of UFO research: the ultra-weird “Kelly-Hopkinsville” affair of 1955, in which a Kentucky, USA family was allegedly terrorized by alien entities. Kelly was, and still is, a…

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    Exploring American Monsters: Delaware

    Delaware, the first state to ratify the United States Constitution, sits on the Delmarva Peninsula, and is bordered by New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The second smallest state in the Union Delaware is one of the least populous, but it does have a few monsters. Selbyville Swamp Monster Two raccoon hunters trudging through the Great Cypress…


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