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  • UFO Phenomenon

    Rendlesham Forest, UFOs, and a Faked Document

    As a (kind of) follow-up to my article on the controversy surrounding Marilyn Monroe, UFOs, and a questionable document, there is the matter of an equally controversial document that concerns the famous December 1980 UFO event at Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England. The most widely accepted scenario within the UFO research community is that extraterrestrials landed/manifested in…

  • Cryptozoology

    Exploring American Monsters: Wyoming

    Although Wyoming is one of the largest of the fifty states, it has the smallest population – only 586,107 as of 2015. The city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, alone has more people. The geography of Wyoming is stunning, with two-thirds of the state made up of the Rocky Mountains, the rest being the High Plains. Yellowstone and Grand…

  • Natural World, News, Science & Technology, UFO Phenomenon

    A Change in the Weather

    Driving on a lonely rural highway in Northwest Missouri in late winter 2017, my vehicle topped a hill and the sky was suddenly covered in clouds I’d never seen before – symmetrical waves dotted in charcoal, slate, and dove, like an impressionist’s representation of an angry ocean. I slowed to take it all in. A few weeks…

  • Cryptozoology

    Mato Grosso’s Massive Monsters

    A terrifying beast that has a particular penchant for ripping out the tongues of cattle, the Mapinguari is a violent thing that haunts the Mato Grosso, a huge Brazilian state, the name of which translates into English as “thick bushes,” and which is dominated by plains, plateaus, and rainforest – the ideal locations in which such…

  • Podcasts, Season 17

    17.20 – MU Podcast

    A strange desert encounter leads to a secret holy manuscript this week which details apocalyptic invasion scenarios, holy alliances, and the mark of the beast. We then dabble in Poltergeist cases before wrapping up the final highlights of Contact in the Desert and tragic downfall of the internet’s premier “Goddess Power” university. Sponsor The Particle Zoo! –…


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