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Shug-Monkey Archive


    Britain’s Bigfoot: Naming the Beast

    Over at the Bigfoot Evidence blog, you can find an excellent, and extensive, list of the many and varied names that have been applied to the world’s mysterious, hairy, hominids. While most people will be familiar with such terms as “Bigfoot,” “Sasquatch,” “The Abominable Snowman,” and “The…


    Terror in the Woods

    Imagine the scene: It’s late on a chilled, winter’s night and the witching-hour is looming perilously close. Your high-pressure job takes you out of town on a regular basis, and right now – after a hard week spent on the road – you just want to get…


    A Monstrous Bridge

    According to a Glasgow, Scotland electrician named Danny Thomas, on a particularly cold and wintry evening in January 1879, his great-great-grandfather, who had apparently suffered from some form of severe mental affliction for years, committed suicide by violently hurling himself off Scotland’s Tay Bridge, and right into the harsh and…

    via Deposit Photos © magann

    Seeking the Sinister Shug Monkey

    Any mention of the mysterious locale that is Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England inevitably conjures up strange and surreal images of the famous, alleged UFO landing within the forest in the latter part of December 1980 – a startling event witnessed by numerous United States Air Force personnel stationed…