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telepathy Archive

    bigfoot speaks

    When Bigfoot “Speaks” English

    In their efforts to seek out the truth of Bigfoot, investigators have secured a wealth of material that, while it does not absolutely prove the existence of the creatures, most assuredly goes a long way towards doing exactly that. Footprints, film-footage, photographs, and witness testimony have all…


    Chess President Claims Sport Came From Aliens

    If you have trouble learning chess or playing well enough to be competitive even with friends, perhaps you should blame it on aliens. The president of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) claims the sport was given to earthlings by aliens … information he received firsthand on an…


    12.08 – MU Plus+ Podcast

    Continuing our fascination with strange psychological disorders we investigate cases of multiple personalities that do not exactly gel with a neurological explanation. We also look at possession cases in Malaysia and the Philippines along with more re-released work from the great John Keel. This episode is exclusive to…

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    12.02 – MU Plus+ Podcast

    After looking at the work of a modern day Geomancer we head to the vaults of history to re-examine claims of psychic archaeology. We then investigate magnetic anomalies, levitating picnic baskets, and the thug Dolphins of California. This episode is exclusive to Plus+ members. To join, click…

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    11.18 – MU Plus+ Podcast

    We dish up an esoteric mix on this episode with tales of doppelgängers, vardøgers, bi-location, and psychic communication with animals. The concept of parallel universes also makes its way into the mix along with WWII “Dog Radar”. This episode is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ members. To join, click…

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    11.16 – MU Plus+ Podcast

    After a FUBAR weekend we return to find chrome extensions reading our emotions, Chinese human DNA experiments, and project Elysium VR. We also feature Egyptology dummy spits and dream telepathy research. This episode is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ Members. To join, click HERE. Links Google could turn your…

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    13.09 – MU Podcast

    The third man effect and tales of unseen guardians is discussed before we venture into strange “borderland” experiences of the surreal. Motorcycle riding and explosion dodging Indian Gurus are also featured along with the hypnotised states of super soldiers. Links Salt Lake City First Responders Heard Mystery…


    12.20 – MU Podcast

    This episode looks at the possibility that a new space race may be on with suggestions that Russia has launched a “satellite killer”. Also, neuroscientist and researcher, Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell join us to discuss her new Indigogo campaign “The Telepathy Project”. This episode is proudly sponsored…


    12.15 – MU Podcast

    This week we don the spiritual armour provided by Shaman Tattoos as we investigate the antics of filipino head hunters. We also hear from furry Tibetan Lhamas, Tibetan Lamas re-incarnated as birds, and fake Tibetan Lamas scamming Californians. Links Google Set to Lead Huge Investment in Magic Leap…


    12.07 – MU Podcast

    Space plankton, bioengineered pig hearts, and lab grown ‘Man Cheese’ are all served up for starters before we move on to the main course of telepathic abilities, and the power of hypnosis. American hermits are also featured along with strange science experiments and inflatable bear deterrents. This episode…

    The Laughing Lady

    Can We Tell a Real Laugh from a Fake One?

    If laughter’s the best medicine, you’ll want to know whether you’re handing out placebos. And that’s one of the (relatively few) drawbacks of having really polite, encouraging friends—if they pretend to laugh at your unfunny jokes, you’ll lose access to the cues that tell you whether your…

    Fingers Crossed

    Can You Tell You’re Being Lied To?

    A recent study by UC-Berkeley forensic psychologist Leanne ten Brinke has found that our odds of detecting a lie increase significantly if we register that detection subconsciously (through implicit association tests) and are not asked to actually accuse someone of lying. But even taking the higher, subconscious rate…