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Orb UFO Videotaped over Pennsylvania

A Murrysville, PA family has reported an object captured on video, one of several they have sighted according to a report on the Mutual UFO Network Database (MUFON). The sighting took place on August 17, 2009.

The witness says she pulled over after her daughter noticed flashing lights near a farm on Ader Road. After a brief exchange with the land owner, who told the pair of a saucer sighting his father had experienced in the early 70’s, the witnesses observed a “large bright yellow-ish orb light over the farm field”.

Video after the jump…


They claim the object “hovered, dimmed, then showed back up higher, brighter, double the size” but unfortunately there is nothing here to give perspective on size or distance.

It gets more interesting in the second video:


The witness claims she “busted it going from 1 bright ball of light into a “fake plane” UFO that I’ve seen and filmed before”.

At one stage in the video three lights can bee seen in a triangle formation which is consistent with the formations seen in previous objects the witness has caught on video.

I better keep an eye out for those tricky “fake plane UFOs”.

[MUFON Case #18760]

[Witness’ YouTube page]


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