Aug 22, 2009 I Aaron Wright

Teleportation Closer Than You Think

Recent advances in theoretical physics are making Star Trek style transporters a reality.

Separate research teams in the US, Australia and the UK have started making significant advances with the development of teleportation technology.

Described by Albert Einstein as "spooky action at a distance", scientists have started exploiting the theory of quantum entanglement to facilitate the transportation of information and simple sub-atomic particles such as photons.

In broad terms, quantum entnaglement suggests that two photons (particles of light) can be created to behave as a single object even when separated by vast distance. Scientists in the UK have been successful in teleporting data over a distance of 89 miles through free space.

While "beaming" to and from work is far from being as common as a mobile phone, scientists believe at the very least the technology will revolutionize the information technology and telecommunication industries. Exploitation of quantum entanglement may allow the development of super fast quantum computer, never ending data storage capacity and unbreakable data encryption.

Rest assured thought, with continued research you might just be beaming out of dinner with your mother-in-law soon.

Beam me up Ben!

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Aaron Wright

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