Sep 12, 2009 I Amelia Crater

George Washington, Alchemist in Chief

You don't have to be Aleister Crowley to figure out that Washington D.C. in general and The U.S. Capitol Building in particular are places steeped to the core in the darkest magic that causes trillions of dollars to disappear from taxpayer pockets only to reappear in the K Street offices of that cult with a name only a snake can say: lobbyists.

Therefore it should come as little surprise that the entire Washington D. C. metropolis is lousy with symbolism betraying its secret society underpinnings from the layout of the streets to the 33rd level Mason who became the first U.S.president, George Washington.

By now most people have heard that DaVinci Code author Dan Brown is about to pocket whatever money we have left after the lobbyists get through with us by publishing The Lost Symbol. Rumor has it, the book  is going to do for George Washington what Brown's  previous yarn did for the sex life of Christ.

Oh, really? Yes, and according to an awesome post (having nothing to do with the Brown book) up at Vigilant Citizen there is some history behind the George/Jesus comparison and more on the alchemical origins of D.C. symbols and the Founding Father.

"The Capitol is viewed by the average American as the seat of democracy, where big political decisions are taken. Very few recognize the spiritual elements of the architecture and the symbolism of the building which literally makes it a temple of Masonic mysteries. At the center of it all is George Washington, a 33rd degree Freemason being anointed as the “American Christ”. The building of the Capitol involved many notions unknown to the common man yet the builders seemed to give great importance to them: alignment with heavenly bodies, importance of ley lines, occult numerology, spiritual energy, etc. Those things might sound like “crazy New Age stuff” to the average Joe but the Founding Fathers attributed extreme importance to them."

TheApotheosisLincolnAndWashington1860sThe post goes on to describe the city layout, the statuary dotting the landscape (and some creepy,  rejected statues, too, like a bare-chested Washington)  and an analysis of the deeply weird The Apotheosis painting in the occulus of Capitol's rotunda.Oh, and then there's this don't-ask-don't-tell portrait of George and Abe, too, to marvel over.

(And don't kid yourself, Obama knows all about this secret society stuff.)

But if it's The Lost Symbol you're pining to find, Greg Taylor of The Daily Grail fame has Brown's book covered at The Cryptex.  If you go farther afield in your internet quest  for the book's secrets do so with extreme caution.'s Threat Level blog reports that DaVinci Code Fans are being Targeted by Real International Conspiracy.  BTW, is it just me or does it seem like Dan Brown snags all the decent conspiracies these days?

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