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Strange Object Caught on Cellphone in Argentina

A man living in the village El Nihuil in Argentina reported seeing a UFO and took photos of the object with his cellphone.

UPDATE: reader lonstrickler has pointed out that this looks very much like a crack in a vehicle's windscreen. I for one agree - Ben

The man, who wants his identity kept secret for fear of public ridicule, sent the images to a local publication after it promised to safeguard his identity.

According to the report the sighting occurred last Saturday near the local Nautical club when the witness went to the coast to check on fishing conditions

He claims that while trying to photograph the object, it began to emit a buzzing sound as if blowing against the water, before continuing to rise. No mention is made of whether the object continued to hover there, flew away, or simply disappeared.

More pics after the jump.


Lon from Phantoms and Monsters has made some enhancements of the images (seen above) and added the following update on the blog:

I attempted to enhance the images...too bad the quality wasn't better. Hard to tell the size of this object and there was no mention in the report. There was a later story in Diario San Rafael today and it seems an investigation is being conducted...Lon

Via [Phantoms and Monsters]

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