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The Third Reich’s Ion Powered Luftwaffe Bell

According to the works of military historian Igor Witkowski and British author Nick Cook, the Third Reich conducted experiments with the application of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, intending to create a powerful propulsion effect and possible weapons applications.

Intangible Materiality has posted an intriguing look into Ion powered propulsion and its use in the Third Reich’s experimental craft.

Most notable is an obscure 1964 article in Popular Mechanics on Ion-Propelled Aircraft being manufactured in Long Island, New York.

It had no prop. No jet. No wings. In fact, it had no moving parts at all looking somewhat like an old-fashioned bedspring, the rectangular rig is the nearest thing to a magic carpet. It needs no runway, takes off vertically and is expected to climb as high as 60 miles. It can crawl through the air like a snail, or go faster than a jet. Nobody yet knows the speed limit.After a while, I closed my mouth. But David Yorysh, one of the project engineers, noticed my puzzlement.

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