Oct 24, 2009 I Benjamin Grundy

An Alien World Hidden in Plain Sight

This incredible gallery of images was blogged and re-blogged on plenty of sites last month. It's a collection of insect macro photography from Igor Iwanowicz.

Seeing these creatures up close brings to mind the many reported encounters with "Mantis" like beings over the years. I'd take a reptilian over these guys every time.

igor_iwanowicz_38 igor_iwanowicz_42 igor_iwanowicz_43

igor_iwanowicz_50 igor_iwanowicz_52 igor_iwanowicz_60

igor_iwanowicz_55 igor_iwanowicz_29 igor_iwanowicz_18

igor_iwanowicz_10 igor_iwanowicz_12 igor_iwanowicz_17

[Full Gallery]

Benjamin Grundy

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