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Update: Bigelow Beams Up Canadian UFO Websites

Earlier this week, we reported that billionaire aerospace magnet Robert Bigelow had funded a rapid response team for MUFON.  This week his new(ish) firm Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) has purchased the Houston, British Columbia, Canada UFO (HBCC UFO) websites.  Here's the announcement on the website, which is a repository for eyewitness accounts of UFO sightings from around the world:

"Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), administered by Robert T. Bigelow, has purchased the HBCC UFO websites. BAASS will investigate, analyze and periodically publish updates of UAP cases that the public submits. Please continue to serve our community well and support the HBCC UFO websites by submitting your reports as you have in the past"

The domain names of the four websites were put up for sale for $800.00 by their owner Brian Vike who retired from the UFO business in June citing his family and his health as reasons for his retirement.  In one of his final posts on his personal blog, The Vike Factor, Into the Paranormal, he offers a history of his personal experience with UFOs, MIB, and other unexplained phenomena that began at age one and continue throughout until today. Here is a excerpt that involved a silvery disk that hovered above a boat while he and two friends were fishing in June of 2002, and which may explain the health problems he suffers now.

The craft then started to move slowly..for two to three seconds and then in an instant shot off straight up..and disappeared into the blue sky. The speed was very fast. It could travel many miles in one tenth of a second.

I stood there for a few seconds, still in shock and still trying to grasp what had just happened. I looked at my friends who seemed to be coming out of a different state and they looked almost confused. I tried to talk to them about what had happened, but they either do not know or they refuse to speak of it. It was a quiet ride back to shore.

That encounter was now over, but the effects were still there for me. For the next month I fell ill and lost appetite. I began to lose hair as never before and my teeth started to loosen. I was feeling very ill.

The effects I was enduring was what I thought to be a type of radiation sickness and I very quickly realized that being directly under the craft had caused the effects. I was sure I was going to die and felt that I could not go to a doctor and tell him as I would be seen as crazy. So, quietly I sat with my secret and said nothing to anyone, enduring the pain and agony and fear of what was happening.

For a month I tried to make sense of what had happened with the silver disc. Maybe it was me that was in the energy from the craft and it was not my friends falling in slow motion, but me in slow motion. What ever the case, I was not in sync with them. It would explain their not appearing to have ill effects from the encounter. What ever the case, I was more ill then I had ever been.

It was some time that passed, at least a month or maybe two and the effects began to subside slowly until I was as close to back to normal. Well, as close to normal as I will ever be again. I now know better than to find myself under one of those crafts.

It was then, after I started to feel better that I began my search for the truth to UFOs and ET.

As reported in the previous story about Goat Starers, Bigelow is suspected of deep, dark ties to Black Ops, CIA, and other shady operations. Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) is only the latest, created in late 2008. As he explained on Coast to Coast,  "his research into UFOs has convinced him that the phenomenon is real and that the goal of BAASS is to find technologies akin to UFO propulsion methods. As an example of what the company would be searching for, he said, 'we would love to find something that levitates.'"

So that probably answers the questions about where Hal Putoff is getting the funding for his work in propulsion and energy at EarthTech.  Bigelow's interest in a UFO sighting network is not so clear, however. After all, isn't that what MUFON does? So, why does he need his own Canadian-based website to" investigate, analyze and periodically publish updates of UAP cases that the public submits"?  It seems odd, but then, so do many of Bigelow's other projects, so why should this one be any different?

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