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Episode 113 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Killer Kangaroos, ominous Oarfish, and falling Starlings kick us off for this week’s Plus+ episode.

We also look at Alison Kruse’s impressive new video, poltergeist encounters with multiple witnesses, and evidence for the ancient worldwide “Civilization X”.

Show notes, music, and video after the jump.

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Anomalous Bouncing Beasts: Killer Kangaroos and Phantom Marsupials

Oarfish omen spells earthquake disaster for Japan

Grisly mystery after scores of starlings fall out of the sky

Mystery of Windermere Triangle solved

Flying Humanoid Reported in California

A UFO Flies in Brooklyn

Alison Kruse: New Video (requires Facebook Login)

So what would YOU say to ET?

Another Haunted Boy

The St. Catharines Poltergeist


Contact: The Curse of the Cocaine Mummies

Was There a Civilisation X?: Evidence Indicates There Was

Ancient Atomic Bombs

Russia’s Ancient Nanostructures

ancural01s gallery_83836_8_9073 ancural05 ancural04 t4bacteriophage

Ancient ET traces

‘CIA experiment’ sends French village mad


Rollin’ For The Ride – The Visioneers via Dome Shots & Fat Laces

Jan Turkenburg -In My Spaceship (Breakbot Remix) E-flat Minor via voulesrandom

Groove Armada – Paper Romance (Softwar Remix) via Hyperbole

CFCF – Big Love (Mathemagic Remix) via AudioPorn Central

Hip Know Cypher via Dome Shots & Fat Laces

Moodymann – Mahogany Brown (Peacefrog Records 1998) via innersounds

Final Track

Jamaica – I Think I Like U 2 via Synthetic Sound


Benjamin Grundy started Mysterious Universe back in 2006. Every week he researches the fortean world and puts together the weekly free MU podcast, extended podcast and Plus + podcast alongside Aaron Wright.
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