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Episode 115 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Fresh UFO sightings in Sydney, along with new claims surrounding the British Monarchy’s Reptilian links kicks us off for this week’s Plus+ exclusive.

We also look at the Costa Rican stone spheres, a Black Eyed “you know what”, and the Indian Military’s Ghost Chili grenades (delicious).

Read on for show notes and music.

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UFO buzzes Sydney – and here’s ‘proof’

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Bill Chalker, the Aussie X-Files agent who says the aliens have landed

British Royal Family Link to Reptilian Aliens Possibly Exposed

Peru: Woman Inseminated by the “Bufeo Colorado”?

University of Kansas researcher investigates mysterious stone spheres in Costa Rica

Freaky Black-Eyed Man

The Harlequin Visits Another Child

Witch bottle is uncorked to discover spellbinding content

‘Cosmonauts’ ready for Mars test

Indian Military to Weaponize the World’s Hottest Chili

Evidence for an Afterlife?

Fraud sells LSD-laced gherkins to blind man


The Souljazz Orchestra – Negus Negast via undomondo

Danton Eeprom – Stilettos Rising via ..blouse..

Booka Shade – Regenerate via Minimal Freaks

Penguin Prison – The Worse It Gets via Danger Danger

DJ Mitsu – Play Wit Crime feat. Maspyke via Moovemnt

Ray Mang – Look Into My Eyes via ..blouse..

Final Track

Bonobo – All in Forms via Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good


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