Mar 29, 2010 I Amelia Crater

MU’s “Spirited” Interview with Psychic Medium Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca Rosen doesn't exactly "see" dead people, which is probably a good thing, because if she did she'd probably never make a public appearance for fear of being mobbed by all the DLO's, i.e., Departed Loved Ones, clamoring for her attention.

Instead the spirits of the dead speak to her across the ether in a language of signs and symbols that she can interpret, but can often be understood only by the person for whom the message is meant, the still living loved one, Rebecca's client.

MU caught up with Rosen on the last stop of  the promotion tour for her new book "Spirited: Connect with the Guides Around You," which is part memoir, but mostly it's a how-to on tuning into the spirit messengers without a psychic middleman. Why is she giving away trade secrets? Rosen says her psychic ability was a gift she never expected to receive. She is convinced that it is an talent we all share, but like singing or ice skating or calculus, some of us are far more skilled at it than others.

Spirited - Rebecca Rosen BUY NOWRosen falls into the highly skilled category, although where the skill comes from she can't say. She was raised in a conservative Jewish family, and had no spiritual connections until she left home for college. When she was a sophomore, the life she lived growing up began to crumble--her mother and father divorced, her father attempted suicide. Rebecca became deeply depressed, and she began nightly sleep walking trips to the kitchen where she ate everything she could get her hands on.

It was difficult for Rebeca to tell her parents, who had enough problems of their own, but there was one relative, Rebecca's grandmother, who arrived on the scene to lend her support. The only thing that was odd about that was that her grandmother had committed suicide when Rebecca was 11.

At first, Rebecca didn't know what to make of the messages that seemed to be coming through her pen but not from inside her mind, while she bared her soul to her journal. Eventually, she came to understand that it was her grandmother who was guiding her hand, explaining that she didn't want Rebecca to go down the same dark road that had led to her suicide and was now taking her father in the same dangerous direction.

Rebecca's grandmother continued to "speak" to her for two years. She even provided her with clues to identify her soul mate when she met him by giving her the names Ryan and Rose and a birth date, 9-24. When Rebecca paid an unexpected trip home one summer, her mother set her up on a date. It turned out her date's name was Brian Rosen, and his birthday was on September 24.

Seven months later they were married, and instead of starting a career in marketing, her new husband encouraged her to develop her psychic talents, and she began giving readings in a coffee shop in Deerborn, Michigan. She did good.  Today those seeking a reading from Rosen must wait three years for an appointment. Unless you were fortunate to attend one of her book tour appearances, that is.

When Rosen took the floor that evening at the bookstore, she said that she hoped we weren't expecting the usual books signing. She explained that the only way to convince people it was possible to speak to the departed was through experience. "The work speaks for itself," Rosen told the audience, "And it's the medium's job to provide enough evidence or validation to convince you that we're really speaking to spirits."

The readings she gave of members of the audience were both riveting and moving, as the spirits seemed to elbow each other out of the way to get their messages across. At one point I thought I caught a "sign" that might be meant for me, but I was too timid to respond before  the spirit of someone else's DLO caught Rosen's attention.

Rebecca on Mojo in the MorningIt's difficult to describe how intense the experience is for those audience members receiving messages from the spirit world, but you can hear for yourself.  Here's a link to a remarkable set of readings she did recently for a morning radio show

After the bookstore reading, Rebecca discussed with MU what her personal psychic mediumship has taught her about the nature of angels, how to steer clear of evil energies, why psychics seem to be gaining public credibility and other wisdom she's gained from connecting with spirits unseen but definitely heard.

MU: James Van Praagh wrote the forward of your book, but are there any other mediums or psychics that you know and with whom you discuss your work?
Several, but none that are well known psychics. Victoria Laurie , Elizabeth Picone , Lori Lipton to name a few...I've worked with Concetta Bertoldi in the past, with JVP. I've met Char Margolis as well.

MU: In recent years there have been a flood of books and television shows-- Crossing Over, The Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Afterlife--that have real or fictional psychics or psychic mediums as the central character. Do you think it indicates the public's acceptance of the reality of psychic abilities?
: Definitely the world is opening up to the idea of intuition and life after death. As the universe is shifting, so too are people's minds, suspending disbelief long enough to entertain the idea that there is some truth to this phenomena.

MU: Have you studied or been influenced by psychic mediums working today or from the past such as Edgar Cayce or Eileen Garrett?
RR: No, although, I have read an Edgar Cayce book in the past and very much admire his work. I did however, train under Dr. Doreen Virtue and was certified in her Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP) program, and Mediumship Program 10 years ago.

MU: Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, answered medical  questions sent in by people who he'd never met and who lived far away. Are you able to do readings via the telephone or other long distance methods, or must the person you're reading be in the same room with you?
RR: I do phone readings works the exact same way as an in-person reading. Spirit is not limited to time or space like we are in this physical world, so they're able to be with us both simultaneously.

MU: Do you ever travel psychically to realms you hadn't been expecting to find or receive messages with no direct connection back to a currently living person? For instance, Cayce was often given information about the future (he made many prophetic statements) and the past (for instance, Atlantis) and he was given some philosophical or metaphysical wisdom that he also documented.
RR: I have be in touch with higher beings (masters, angels, prophets) through trance channeling in a group meditation format. And we are given higher guidance and truth through these Spirits. But, the mediumship work I conduct daily is not of this nature.

MU: Can you control these contacts/ethereal travels?
RR: Yes, I am in control based on my intention.

MU: Eileen Garrett, on the other hand, wanted to find the scientific explanation for the voices that spoke through her and spent her lifetime being put through scientific studies and experimentation. Have you attempted anything similar? What are your feelings or opinions regarding efforts of science to prove or disprove psychic abilities.
RR: I think it's perfectly fine for one to try and "prove" this work scientifically, and I personally have not done so before. And while there's been fascinating research to prove there's something going on that defies explanation, there's a reason it's never been 100% successful in proving it thus far. On a mind level, I don't feel we will ever be fully able to capture the essence of what's behind this complex, divine system at work, mainly because (1) God cannot be measured and (2) the mind of man is not able to fully comprehend or conceive what "God" is....that requires being in touch with our higher consciousness (and our heart vs our head), and often comes in deep states of meditation, near death experiences, dream state, and of course when we die and transition into the spirit world.

MU: I read in your book that you are only visited by spirits who want to contact their loved ones to help them live more fulfilled lives. Since this is behavior quite rare among the living, do you find that there are some clients who either don't trust or don't believe the advice given by their deceased relatives? Have you had clients respond to messages from their dead relations with outrage or anger? Do the spirits always know the right thing to say? If so, are do you negotiate these exchanges? Or am I being too literal in the idea of the "spirit," equating it too directly to the actual deceased person when instead the dead relative acts more as a conduit to the higher wisdom?
RR: It's a case by case deal. Dead loved ones often times come through and give their two cents (opinions, beliefs, etc) on one's life, and I recommend that one take this information like a grain of salt. They are entitled to their opinions, just as they were in life. Often times, one's Spirit Guides come through with more reliable guidance, which can be trusted because they are assigned to the person and know what's in their best interest. And sometimes, Departed Loved Ones are the person's spirit guide as well.... so it's a matter of me figuring out what role they play with the person being read, and making it clear on how much weight to put on the information coming through.

MU: Have you encountered spirits who were less kind or helpful? Maybe even those with malign intent? If so, what do you make of those spirits? Are they also spirits of deceased persons or are they a different kind of being?
RR: In the beginning of any reading, I say a prayer that only the highest and best spirits for the person being read, come through. And because of my intentions for only positive, truthful energy to show up, I rarely if ever have problems with this lower energy. Sometimes, spirits come through in a way that is more self-serving for them... to clear their conscience rather than with intentions of honoring or helping the person. This doesn't make them bad or dark, just less evolved. But i don't allow in dark energy.

MU: You also mentioned angels as spirit guides. What kind of being do you think they are? Are they like the angels described in the Bible? Or are they more like very old souls? Have they described their situation to you?
Angels are beings of light that are such a high frequency that they do not incarnate. They are God's messengers, and they are pure, positive energy designed to love us and guide us when in need.

MU: How do ghosts and hauntings fit into the spirit world as you understand it?

RR: They are just lost souls in need of attention or help in crossing over to the light. They are typically harmless, just have unfinished business with themselves and/or with the living. They operate on a different plane of existence than the spirit world....somewhere between this dimension and that.

MU:How about Jung's collective unconscious? Is that where the spirits reside?
RR: Perhaps... The truth is, Spirits are residing within the same space we are, just vibrating on a higher frequency. And, for each person, their connection to Spirit will be unique.

MU: I recently heard an interview with the author of The Key to Life, which is about connections between the living and the spirit world. His metaphor went something like this: Earth and humanity and the universe are like a grain of sand at the bottom of the ocean and the spirit world is the ocean. I'm not sure I have that quite right, but he said that this "life" is the illusion and the spirit world is the "real" world that we attain at death. Does this description come close to what you know of the spirit world? And does reincarnation figure into the spirit world you describe?
RR: I love that quote and yes it fits into my belief system as well. Life is one big play, and we come into it with many different actors that we've chosen to show up to help teach us, and we allow us the opportunity to grow and spiritually evolve. And, it's all an the course in miracles says, "only love is real." Yes, I believe in's a choice.

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