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Hitting the T-Spot: MU Learns the Secrets to Mind Over Matter

How do you know if a telekinetic event is the real thing or just your imagination?

“It’s simple: Can you tell the difference between real sex and masturbation?” Dr. Natalia Shareyko asked the to audience at the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS). And she’s ought to know–about telekinesis, that is. She has a reported 100% success rate teaching students to spin a compass or move matches using the power of subtle energies at the Biosensory Psychology Institute St. Petersburg, Russia.

Telekinesis, the power to move matter with the mind, has something of an image problem, at least in the US, where is it linked to the “ghostly” ectoplasm of fake apparitions, Uri Geller vs. James Randi  and Men Who Stare at Goats

The phenomena is so often discredited as fraud that just studying it poses a risk to the reputations of serious scientists.  But one researcher who didn’t flinch in the face of critics is Dean Radin , PhD, Senior Scientists IONS, and author of  The Conscious Universe and Entangled Minds, but even he has admitted to having doubts before he experienced it himself.

“I was much more skeptical about such claims until one day I personally folded the bowl of a large, heavy soup spoon in half with a gentle touch, and with half a dozen witnesses present. I later tested to see if I could do this again with a similar spoon using ordinary force. I couldn’t budge the bowl without the assistance of two pairs of pliers and some serious leverage. So I have good reason to doubt the usual skeptical assertion that all cases of metal-bending are conjuring tricks or due to unconscious use of force.”

— Dean Radin, Entangled Minds, page 331

Dean RadinAlthough Radin has continued his controversial research he did not weigh in on the accuracy of Dr. Shareyko’s sex analogy, but  he and members of his research team were in the audience as well as theoretical physicist and visionary, George Weissmann.

George WeissmannWeissman was responsible for connecting Dr. Shareyko with IONS after he attended her course in St. Petersburg.  After only days of training that included physical exercises, breathing exercises, and bio-energetic exercises, Weissmann was able to perform telekinesis. and set up outside the conference room glass cylinders containing spirals for anyone who wanted to test their own powers.

A little background on the Russians and telekinetic powers: Although they didn’t invent telekinesis, during the Cold War the KBG’s interest in weaponizing the powers of the mind were spurred by the psychic talents of Nina Kulagina, a Russian housewife who stopped a frog’s heart with her mind.  (The video claims she nearly killed a skeptic who volunteered to test her heart-stopping powers, but it sounds too good to be true).  Anyway, Russians have a history of taking psychic powers seriously.

 Dr. Natalia ShareykoDr. Shareyko did not give a demonstration of telekinesis, at least not overtly. However, that evening she told us in heavily accented English that she would use only occasional translation assist from Yevgenly Gorodetskly, Director of the Foundation for Mind Being Research in Los Altos, CA. She also chose to forgo a microphone, and as she began there were whispers of protest rippling through the audience that she spoke too softly and couldn’t be understood. If she heard them she didn’t show it, and kept on with her talk without a pause. Within a few minutes, the whispers had stopped, no one appeared to be straining to hear and the audience was listening in rapt silence. Maybe she was sending out psychic Ritalin vibes to get people focused.

She began with her own initiation to the world of psychic phenomenon. Explaining that as a neurophysiologist from a family of medical professionals, she was skeptical when she enrolled in the Biosensory Psychology Institute St. Petersburg 18 years ago.

Her instructor, Vladimir Tonkov–who has taught 100,000 students about biosensory psychology since 1989, and authored a text (free download) on his methods and philosophy–changed her mind.

“He seems like a very ordinary man, but when he decides it’s time for you to learn something, you are able to learn it. He has a very direct connection with people.”

She admits she wasn’t an apt pupil, at least at first. “I am a medical doctor from a family of doctors and was very skeptical of all these things,” Shareyko said. “Is it true or some kind of illusion.? Vladimir Tonkov, told us that if we learned what he could teach us it was possible that our lives would totally change. ‘If you’re ready, you can continue. Think hard before you start,’ he said. I went three times to the street and back up the stairs again. But I felt such power. It touched me so deeply that for me there was no other choice.”

During the third lesson, she received a sign that she’d made the right choice. She was working with a partner when suddenly she was able to “see” the state of his health. Adding to her shock was the realization that despite her medical training she couldn’t find the right words to describe the physical problems she “saw” inside her partner. She had to ask another doctor taking the course to help her name the parts of the anatomy. “A moment of divine perception and my medical profession didn’t matter. The perception was so bright and another way [of understanding]. I knew how it shall be for this person. After that I change my view on this life.”

She showed us a video of students moving compass needles and match sticks without physical contact and said that the Institute had 100 percent success rate teaching students to perform these feats.

How does the training work? She said that students train for several hours each day and are in direct contact with their highly skilled teachers. However they are not practicing telekinesis, but are learning to expand their perception.

“When we expand our perception, what becomes real for us widens. At any one time there may be many signals surrounding us but we can’t understand because our everyday perception is very narrow. Only a little part of what it can be is perceived from this point of view. We are blinded. That is why we don’t understand the world we live in.

“Our world view is totally material. A chair; we can touch it. A thought; I cannot touch it. When your perception is changed (through this training) you understand that the material world is the middle stream bound on either side by the limits of our perception. We already know that there are species who have sensory perception outside the limits of human perception. Bats fly by sound not sight and dogs have a superior sense of smell. The psychic level is also outside our normal range of perception.”

She explained that enhanced perception turns out to be necessary but not sufficient: “Why our students have [telekinesis results] so quickly is the direct understanding from inside the teacher to inside the pupil. It’s like tuning the student into the proper channel, like tuning a TV. And the students must have a high level of desire in order to succeed. In that way, telekinesis is like inspiration.”

In order to maintain the gains and stay on the right channel requires dedication and feeling, which is not to be confused with emotion: “There is only one real feeling: Love. We confuse feelings we have inside our real selves with emotional reactions that are for making contact easier with people outside ourselves.

“Emotions are masks. The masks lock us inside our physical body. When we wake up, when we practice, we have the possibility to be without the mask. Clairvoyance and other psychic skills are only possible if a person doesn’t lie to himself about what he is experiencing. Then it’s imagination.

After spinning the compass needle and moving the matches, what other skills does the dedicated practitioner learn? “There have been students who have experienced levitation. We do not say that we teach levitation. It’s very rare for a person to levitate. I have observed it. And it happened one time in my life to me. No one saw it. It started to happen and then a touch of fear came over me and it ended. When a change in reality happens and you’re not expecting it fear comes.”

What about the bad things people can do? “Many people ask how I can teach this because it’s so dangerous. How can I do it? I say. “What is the difference? If you teach surgery you are teaching someone the best way to kill a person.”

And finally: “All of our theories, without practice it’s nothing. Many people who write about psychic experiences have a very great opinion of themselves. Very easy to talk. Not so easy to act. I’ve never stopped studying. When I wake up in the morning, sometimes I can’t believe it’s all real. Sometimes I start over from the beginning. Is it all real? We make this choice every time, many times during the day.

Dr. Shareyko spent the weekend at IONS teaching an intensive workshop on how to learn and apply telekinetic skills. If her perfect success rate holds, the students who were able to stay the course now know for themselves the difference between the a real telekinetic experience and the one that’s only a fantasy.