May 09, 2010 I Amelia Crater

The Unholy Three of Ufology: Boylan, Wilcock & Morton

The Unholy Three (1930). This triple threat consists of a midget, a strongman, and a ventriloquist named Echo who concoct an ingenious plan to fleece the homes of wealthy people in the dead of night.

Okay, there were in fact four speakers on the UFO panel at San Francisco’s New Living Expo last weekend. Reuben Uriarte, the State Director for Northern California MUFON and Deputy Director of International Investigations, probably came closest to the evidence-based researcher type (in other words, the sanest of the bunch) but unfortunately it’s impossible to say for certain since his presentation of “the best UFO photos and live video footage” was thwarted by malfunctioning equipment.

But by the time Uriarte took the stage as the last speaker, it was obvious that the standing room only crowd had not come to see him or his slide show anyway. No, they were drawn by the trio who preceded him, all of whom belong to the  “we-don’t-need-no stinkin’ research” School of Ufology and that's because they already have a direct or even divine line to Star Visitors, Edgar Cayce, George Noory or even all of the above.

UFO PanelPsychic and paranormal promoter Robert Perala was the MC and used his moment in the spotlight to drum up business for Conspiracy Con X in June (MU will so be there as will Ruben Uriarte and maybe this time his AV equipment will work). Plus a whole-day event with David Icke in October (neither Reptilian overlords nor  MU would miss it) before introducing the panelists. Each of whom was allowed 15 minutes to drive the crazy bus.  You can decide if there was a winner, but by the end we will probably all agree that they all made it to La la Land, albeit by slightly different routes.

First up, Dr. Richard Boylan, the former marriage and family therapist who who lost his license in 1995 for imposing his views of space aliens into the dreams and memories of two patients, nude hot tubbing with patients and bartering nude massages in return for psychological therapy.

Today he puts his faith in the Star Visitors, acts as a kind of shepherd for the Starseed Children and spokesperson for the Star Nations, which he describes as a kind of intergalactic Peace Corp. He claims that among adults over 65, one in eight are Starseeds, and the percentage grows as age decreases until among kids 12 and under 96 percent are Starseeds.

Of course, they don’t all know that they’re Starseeds. It happens just as Ben and Aaron discussed on MU319: the Star Visitor observes Earth’s plight and then “incarnates as a human to help out.” The human incarnation doesn’t remember he was a Star Visitor in a previous life, although he does bring his higher consciousness to this life.

Starseeds are different than regular humans in physical ways, too. “Starseed adults age more slowly, maintain robust health and sharpness,” Boylan explained, and then by way of example he introduced a woman from the audience who was 37 but “ looked like a college kid.” Then in a truly awkward moment the woman introduced herself and, you know, it was not impossible to imagine that she was aging at a normal human rate.

Then it got more awkward when Boylan said he wanted to measure her vast energy, so he descended from the stage with a forked dowsing rod and standing about 15 feet from the woman, pointed the forked object toward her. He took a few steps until the dowsing thing flinched out of sheer embarrassment.

“See how far her energy extends?” No one saw, and all I could think of was about a dozen NSFW jokes that involved hot-tubbing therapy sessions, dowsing rods and “energy extension.”

The last thing I heard him say was that Earth was going to be invited to join Star Nations.

Here is a brief excerpt from his website explaining some of the activities of the Star Nation we have been invited to join:

At five minutes before our JPE [Joint Psychic Exercise], and the Star Nations Liberation, TAUSS, the Cabal's secret underground extreme-speed magnetic-levitation subway system, was taken down for the Western United States sector, at least temporarily, to provide a distraction.
At one minute before the JPE/Liberation, Star Visitors advised the captives and their families that liberation was imminent. Also at one minute before, the magnetic containment fields, and the implants in the SV [Star Visitor] captives, and the black boxes tying the SV's to the Cabal pain administration equipment were deactivated.

The precise locations where the Star Visitors were help is given to you to assist you JPE participants in geo-locating the Liberation project sites in case you want to time-jump back and lend specific energy to the Liberation effort as it is going on. It will be useful.

Again thank you for your participation. Your presence helped Star Nations ethically intervene in Human affairs to liberate its own members from Cabal criminal elements working in "black projects". Black, indeed!

Moving on to David Wilcox who was new to this MU blogger. On his website IMGP0735he describes himself  as a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. His upcoming Hollywood film CONVERGENCE unveils the "proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways."

(BTW, Aaron, you’ll be interested to know, the website has a multi-part series on: A New Philadelphia Experiment Revelation )

But after checking out his online mug shot, I couldn’t take my eyes off the guy on the stage who looked very different than the one pictured. I decided he’d had a nose job. My photos aren’t very good, but maybe you’ll be able to see what I mean.

As far as I could Google, Wilcox seemed scandal free, and I understood what he was talking about when he decried the “skeptical laughter curtain” that surrounds subjects like UFOs. I’ll even entertain the idea that “UFOs are ourselves from the future come back during this time of change to help us out.” [More helpful star people, you might note this as a theme of all the panelists].

But then he turned up the juice on his “cosmic download” and from what I could grab from the warp-speed verbiage, was that this was a cosmos filled with crappy science. I think I have an unusually high tolerance for fringe theories, but, come on: Is the pineal gland “a Stargate inside your brain”? Are we seeing so many UFOs because we are colliding with incoming vortex, natural time travel vortexes on Earth. Very strange areas that you step inside and sound of birds goes away. All the sounds go away? Is human evolution speeding up 300 times faster? Is there really micro-biological proof that evolution is speeding up? Does the Illuminati and Hitler equal Darkness Hidden? [Hitler comes up again, too] Is it true that there has to be anti gravity. There has to be time travel? Can you really turn Einstein’s theory of relativity upside down so that mass decreases?

You can look it all up on his website and try to make sense of his “Divine Cosmos” or you can just take him at his word when he tells you that the truth is so much more incredible than we’ve been led to believe.

That's where I'm leaving it.

Next up was psychic and Coast-to-Coast regular, Sean David Morton. He started his presentation by announcing “I’ll bet you’re surprised I’m not behind bars.” I had to Google him on my iPhone to find out that in March, Morton was indicted by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for fraud which gave the New York Times the chance to write this headline: For Psychic, Suit Came as Surprise.

In a case that seems ripped from the pages of the satirical newspaper The Onion, the Securities and Exchange Commission sued Mr. Morton for securities fraud on Thursday, claiming he swindled more than $6 million from investors by promising them “piles of money,” along with spiritual happiness.

Needless to say, Morton published a statement in response on the Coast to Coast website:

“I am shaken to my core by all this. I have never stolen from anyone in my life, and I cannot even fathom how someone could risk incurring such karma for base, short term monetary gain. I am sure it happens every day, but I firmly believe as the Apostle Paul said, What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”

"Anyone who knows me and knows my body of work from listening to this show over the past 20 years knows that I am all about the truth and doing what is right, and that is what my wife and I have done ALL ALONG, and we will be fully vindicated from these baseless allegations."

This story was far more intriguing than his ADHD-ish, rat-a-tat patter that spilled a million names and not a drop of content: from Groom Lake to Area 51 to the fact that HE is a Star Child to comparing Stephen Hawking’s alien bashing to John Keel’s warnings to Dan Ackroyd on Larry King Live,, Copernicus, Edgar Cayce’s prophecy that there would be a shifting of the poles, the Hebrew calendar, Hindu calendar, the Norway Spiral, which he described as “creating the IKEA version of HAARP."

He predicted that this summer is going to make the summer of the 60s look like the 50s, which sounded ominous but then wrapped up by explaining, “How special Earth is because we are actively defended (by our Star Nation friends, I presume) and actively helped. We have royal blood. Every one of us. The [star visitors?] protect us because of our ability to achieve Godhood. 2012 will be the end of terror. The end of evil.”

He could have said more along those lines but his 15-minute behind the wheel had screeched to a halt.  Time for Reuben Uriarte, except, whoops, his video must have connected with one of those strange vortexes where you can't hear the birds or watch the UFOs.  Oh well, see you all at Conspiracy Con X 2010!

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