Jul 21, 2010 I Louis Proud

“Dark Figure” Visitation: Beware of Open Windows!

A skeptic recently asked me if I knew of an account of sleep paralysis (SP) in which an entity had been seen not only by the SP sufferer, but by someone fully awake and in the same location, thus confirming that the entity was real, rather than just a hallucination.

I responded in the affirmative; I have in fact heard of such a case – but only one.

On November 22, 2009, I received an intriguing e-mail from a man named John, age 50, who resides in Newington, Connecticut. John had heard of my book Dark Intrusions: An Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences, and was eager to share with me a fascinating SP experience of his own. I could tell by the sober, intelligent tone of his writing that I could trust what John had to say.

From his childhood up until his early twenties, John occasionally experienced frightening SP episodes involving a “dark figure” hovering over his body. He explains: “Because my bed was under a window, it always seemed that the figure came in – like a floating thing – from the window.” So terrifying and disturbing were these experiences that John didn’t wish to think about them, let alone mention them to anyone else – which he didn’t. “To this day,” he says, “I don’t like to put beds under windows...I would never dream of sleeping beneath an open window.”

By the time John was older and had stopped undergoing SP, he rarely thought of the mysterious “dark figure,” so determined was he not to acknowledge what had happened. Plus, he insists, he wasn’t one “to buy into paranormal things.”

Years later, when John was in his mid-thirties, his mother related a most unusual experience. It occurred when John was two or three years old and the family were staying at his grandparent’s farm in the “wooded hills” of North Carolina – a place they visited every summer.

His mother explained that, one night, after she’d put him to bed, she happened to enter his room, and saw, “coming through the window, a black shape...hovering over” his body. His mother watched in shock and terror as the figure, which she perceived to be a “spirit” of some kind, “slid out the window” and disappeared.

John adds: “Before that day...she had never, ever told me about this – and I never told her about my memories of this thing either...So it seems that two different people observed this without any collaboration. I don't know what to make of it all, but it is the truth.”

John ended his e-mail by stating it’s “a strange world we live in” – something I couldn’t agree with more. He also left me a healthy piece of advice that I’ll probably never adopt: “Maybe it’s best to not look to deeply into these things.”

Louis Proud

Louis Proud who lives in Melbourne, Australia, is a writer and researcher specializing in paranormal and occult phenomena. His work has been published in Fate, Mysteries, New Dawn, Nexus and Paranormal magazines. His interests include film, radio-controlled models and anything to do with the mysterious and unexplained. His recently published book, Dark Intrusions: An Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences, is available from Amazon in the USA and the UK. Louis Proud can be contacted at [email protected] Visit his blog: http://louisproud.wordpress.com

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