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2.05 – MU Plus+ Podcast

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Aaron makes a triumphant return to Sunday night's exclusive to add his thoughts to the midweek interview and trigger a long discussion on futurism.

We also examine the erroneous video and pictures associated with the Chinese Airport UFO sighting, look at molten metal falling from the sky, and explore the secret life of plants.

Show notes, music, and video after the jump.

Goodbye wheelchair: Bionic legs allow paralysed man to walk again


Reaching for immortality

Chinese Airpot Ufo comes back?

UFO over Hangzhou, China: a long exposé

What does this molten metal falling from the sky tell us?

'Rain of Luminous Beams' Appears in the Sky of Xiamen Huandao Road

A Challenge to You: The Inter-dimensional Sasquatch

Plants 'can think and remember'

'Primary Perception'—The Secret Life of Life

'Primary Perception'—The Secret Life of Life (Part 2)

Inherited Memories in Organ Transplant Recipients


Sahin Meyer - World Cup Of The Future via Keytars & Violins

Pulshar - Sacrifice Of Love via Keytars & Violins

Baths — Lovely Bloodflow via Musik Mig Blidt

Art Of Tones - The World As I Live It via Keytars & Violins

Final Track

Kerli – Tea Party (Chew Fu Espresso Fix) via The Docking Station

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