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China’s Strange UFO Shuts Down Airport

Update: We covered an article from forgetomori back on MU Plus+ 205 that did a great job of debunking these photos and especially the news reports from ABC. We commented in the show on how often UFO photos and video are regurgitated, years after they originally surfaced, and appear as "evidence" for new sightings. ~ Ben

Though it may be old news by now, strange events that occurred recently over China have caused enough of a stir that even the Christian Science Monitor has chimed in, prompting web photo editor Casey Bayer to quip, "Apparently someone didn't listen to Stephen Hawking and contacted the aliens."

All joking aside, Hawking, in his book A Brief History of Time and in years since, has speculated that aliens, if they visited Earth, would likely be hostile. Though the events that recently transpired over China don't appear to depict any hostilities toward planet Earth, they do present a remarkable series of UFO-related sightings reported by locals and pilots in the area, in addition to photographs of the event.

The photographs document the recent appearance of a bizarre object seen over China emitting red and white lights and, according to witnesses, maneuvering as though "it was escaping from something." Although the object in question was enough cause for concern to officials at a nearby airport to temporarily close down, the CSM, on the other hand, offers a different explanation for the sighting. "We think we'll stick with mirages as the explanation for this one," Bayer wrote, citing a source with the Harvard-Smithsonian center for Astrophysics, who noted how easily mirages can create the impression of an object moving or hovering in the sky.

An ABC News report available on YouTube appears to show the photographs in question (see below). If these images do indeed depict the events that transpired recently over China, some do at least appear to represent some kind of physical craft:


The verdict remains open as to whether the photos will be revealed to show some form of atmospheric phenomenon, as the CSM and experts suggest. However, Chinese officials investigating the incident have suggested suspicions that perhaps even some form of U.S. craft may have been the culprit. Given the witness testimony and photos made available, a atmospheric mirage seems rather unlikely; do the photographs appear to resemble any known man-made craft, and if so, what were they doing over Chinese airspace?

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