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Elanra Review – A Breath of Fresh Air

As many of you will know, my love affair with the positive effects of negative ions generated from items like salt lamps is still going strong. However I have a new ionic mistress… her name? Elanra

Would you like some salt with your lamp? No? Well then perhaps you should seek your negative ions from The Elanra by the Australian based company Bionic Products. I have longed to buy an Elanra as it has been long touted for its incredible health benefits. I finally I bit the bullet and purchased one. So far my experience with it has been incredible.

First, let me explain. When I was a child my parents insisted on running this monstrous machine in the bedroom that made noises that I could only attribute to it containing horrific childhood monsters. This was the ionizer of the 80’s. Despite its noises my parents insisted on running it through the winter to ensure I didn’t get a cold. Surprisingly, it was very rare that I missed school because of colds or flus. The Elanra of today is much different.

The Elanra has done away with these giant horrific machines of the 80’s and compressed an incredible machine into a compact portable health improving device. Elanras produce small biologically active negative ions of oxygen which can be ingested into the body.


Inhaling the small negative ions of oxygen produced by the Elanra Ionizer helps your body to regain its own natural balance. Restoring this balance has been shown to produce many positive benefits including:

  • Less susceptibility to colds and flu
  • Less fatigue
  • Natural detoxification of the body
  • Improved sleep, relaxation and meditation
  • Comfortable breathing
  • Relief from allergies and hay fever
  • Relief from sinus congestion and inflammation
  • Enhancement of the body’s natural defence mechanisms
  • Decreased stress, irritability and tension
  • Increased alertness
  • Increased work productivity
  • Improved concentration
  • Maintenance of normal functioning of all body systems

So what of these claims? Do they really work? In my experience… YES

I really wanted to do a through review of this device so I have carried it around in multiple situations for the past week. First I ran it the second night of the Nexus conference in the hotel room. I woke up refreshed and felt strangely full of energy.

Once I got home, I put the Elanra next to my bed and ran it while I slept. Again, I woke up feeling great. One of the most compelling experiences I has was when I ran Episode 407 by myself. I was up until 4.30am recording, yet while I felt tired, I didn’t feel exhausted. I then got up the following morning at 9am and felt so energetic that I went out and got a heap of errands done that I had been putting off for a long time.

On top of everything else, with the Elanra running in the studio by day and near my bed by night, I have finally rid myself of this nagging cold that has been affecting the production of our shows recently.

The Elanra is available in 3 different models (I picked up the MKIII) and can be purchased from Each device has multiple user selectable programs and there is a model to suit your needs.

Don’t believe it? Check out the scientific peer reviewed articles which back the Elanra. Additionally, the Elanra by Bionic Products is the only ionizer approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Trust me, they don’t approve anything without strict scrutiny.


One drawback that may stop you from purchasing the Elanra is the price. The smaller units start in the $200 price range with the largest units sit around $700-800. I must say though, the build quality is incredible and you really do “get what you pay for”.

I had noticed that I was waking up feeling slightly dehydrated, however I think it was just the fact that I don’t drink enough water in the first place. Since placing a glass of water by my bed and drinking more during the day, this feeling of dehydration has dissipated.

Finally, this is a electronic device that does produce charged particles, hence it must be kept away from electronic devices. The other day I witnessed Ben get a large shock when he touched the device after running around on our highly static studio carpet. It’s not dangerous and the device adheres to the high Australian electrical device standards. It was just a bit shocking (pun intended).

In Conclusion

While the Elanra isn’t cheap, the high quality of the build and the amount of health care costs it will save you, its worth every penny. You can check out my interview with Josh Shaw the inventor on the Elanra in Episode 407 of Mysterious Universe. Please also note, Bionic Products have not paid us for any advertising and I purchased the MKIII myself.

The benefits of this device just need to get out there!

Check them out at


Aaron Wright is one half of the Mysterious Universe team who brings expertise in the sciences. Ben and he formed 8th Kind Pty Ltd in 2008 to take MU to the next level.
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