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Episode 408 – Mysterious Universe

Michael Williams, co-author of the book ‘Australian Big Cats‘, joins us on this episode to discuss the history of strange feline sightings across Australia.

We also return to Bigfoot reports with a new audio recording surfacing and more tales of “inter-dimensional” creatures, while Plus+ members are treated to a new MIB story along with tales of Ghost Baboons (yes baboons…).

Show notes, books, and music after the jump.

Michael Williams

Australian Big Cats

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Solar fireworks set to follow sun blast

Mystery ancient sea creature stalks fish to their death off coast of Devon

Mysterious Creature May Lurk In Appalachian Mountains

‘Big cat’ startles jogger

Tokyo’s Oldest Living Man is a FRAUD!

Do ‘Aussies’ sound more intelligent?

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Commercial Airline Pilot Says UFOs Are Real

The ‘Men in Black’: A New Case.

Ghosts and Cryptids

Things That make You Go Hmmmmmm


Bridging The Pacific, Vol. 2A Hori Buzz
“Glitter in the Gutter” (mp3)
from “Bridging The Pacific, Vol. 2”

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Loop Select 008: Rare VisionBooka Shade
“Night Falls” (mp3)
from “Loop Select 008: Rare Vision”

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Dusty Brown – This City Is Killing Me via musigh

Are We There Yet?Epsilon-Blue
“Oversky” (mp3)
from “Are We There Yet?”

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Pretty Lights – Let the World Hurry By via Tympanogram

Steve Marshall & Touch – Maintain (Sloppy Seconds Re-Edit) via ANOE

Final Track – Regular Show

Cottonmouth – hype hype via Stoney Roads

JABBERJAW – The Connie Shake via La Tuerie

Final Track

Koop – Bright Nights (feat. Yukimi Nagano) via Hypem


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