Aug 19, 2010 I Micah Hanks

The King Has Left the Planet: Elvis and UFOs

Arguably, one of my favorite scenes from the 1997 film Men in Black involved Tommy Lee Jones popping an Elvis Presley eight-track cassette into the dash of a high-tech alien-mod vehicle he and Will Smith are blazing along in. When Smith chides him about whether he knows Elvis is dead, Jones' character merely replies, "he's not dead, he just went home."

Fast forward to the present. Whether or not Elvis died, was abducted by aliens, or as Tommy Lee Jones suggested, was an alien himself, it seems that Elvis sightings still occur to this day. What is without question, however, is the fact that the King of Rock n' Roll did in fact have an interest in whether we were visited by brothers from another space-mother.

A recent AOL News article detailed some of the more bizarre aspects of the King's alleged dealings with extraterrestrials, including a bright blue UFO witnessed by his father, Vernon, the night baby Elvis was born. Only a few years later, Elvis was again said to have had an otherworldly encounter, this time having been contacted by two "alien beings." The beings were said to have shown Presley a glimpse of his future as a rock n' roller, according to author and UFO buff Michael Luckman, whose book Alien Rock details some of these incidents.

But beyond the scope of merely UFOs, it is also known that Elvis was fascinated with mysticism and religion. Whether or not he believed in the existence of faerie folk is unclear, though the notion alone brings a funny ending to this story. Earlier today, a friend and fellow author, Daily Grail's enigmatic (and slightly notorious Red Pill Junkie, sent me a link to a video I had initially misread to be, "Elvis in North Carolina?" Having pondered Elvis and his connection to ufology and spiritualism all day, I was somewhat saddened to find out the link dealt with Elves, not Elvis. Whoops!

That said, it's only right to share a little link love with you here also, courtesy of Red Pill Junkie's own obscene fascination with the kinds of weirdness that usually decorates my stories:

An Important Note About Elves (Not Elvis)

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