MU Podcasts ISep 03, 2010

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MU+ Extended

Giant Killer Squid and new whistle blower start us off this week before we head to Sweden in search of Trolls.

Also featured is a classic "Talking Poltergeist" and remote viewing the dark side of the moon.

Show notes, music, and a pot of gold after the jump!

Giant Killer Squid

"I saw the Roswell Alien"

Roswell Alien Video

Trolls in Sweden

The Talking Poltergeist

Remote Viewing Asteroid

Asteroid Targets

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The Plant Spirit

Ingo Swann

He Ate What?


Andreya Triana - A Town Called Obsolete (Mount Kimbie Remix) via Consequence of Sound

Wax Rose Saturday EPMux Mool
"Hog Knuckles" (mp3)
from "Wax Rose Saturday EP"
(Ghostly International/Moodgadget Records)

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Autistici Reworked: Resonating WiresIan Hawgood, Danny Norbury
"Remix" (mp3)
from "Autistici Reworked: Resonating Wires"
(Audiobulb Records)

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West GraceWill Miles
"West Grace" (mp3)
from "West Grace"
(Point Audio)

More On This Album

Final Track - Regular Show

Underworld - Loved A Film (Breakages Lazer Fingers Remix) via Phuture Labs

London Ground - Key [BUY]

Final Track

The Two Man Gentlemen Band - Me. I Get High On Reefer via I am a moonshiner


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