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4.21 – MU Podcast

MU+ Extended

We're back where we started after a disastrous attempt to move studios, but some very entertaining videos and articles kept our spirits up for this show.

We take a humorous look at the "Galactic Warning" to Obama, visit an epic tale of encounters in Italy, and discuss the sad case of a young Peruvian girl snatched by 'Faerie'.

Show notes, music, and videos of crazy blond women after the jump.


Phantom Missile

Aircraft Contrails

Earthquake Ghosts

The Lizard Queen

Civil War UFO's

Zanfretta Abductions

Plus+ Content

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Black-Eyed People

Ancient Aliens

Faerie Folk

Daemons of the Dreamtime

Hans Fuger Saga


Project Tempo - Why Not Edit (MASTER) via FMusic

Project Tempo - Tom Tom Dub (MASTER) via FMusic

Ah Shit!Super Deejay Bobzilla
"Ah Shit! - Koian's Norwegian Breaks Remix" (mp3)
from "Ah Shit!"
(Mutate Records)

More On This Album

Final Track - Regular Show

E. PhUMPerdInk - Monster Zoku Onsomb! From the Album Attack! [BUY]

Nosaj Thing - Light #1 (Take Remix) via Squeegie

Joy - New York (Empire state of mind Remix) via La detente generale


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