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Episode 426 – Mysterious Universe

Forbidden Archeologist Michael Cremo joins us this week to discuss the ancient origins of human beings on this planet and why the accepted theory of our past and origins could be fundamentally incorrect.

Ancient artifacts, OOPARTS, Sanskrit wisdom, and the Devolution of human beings makes for a fascinating episode. We also feature the UFO wave that has swept Argentina this month and the strange creature sightings that could be related.

Show notes, music, and books after the jump.

Michael Cremo

The Forbidden Archeologist Website

Michael’s Website

Michael’s previous work:

Historians discover tiny numbers and letters in the eyes of the Mona Lisa

Puerto Rican Gargoyles (latest news – story 1 and story 2)

Monsters at the Space Center

Lost Civilization May Have Existed Beneath the Persian Gulf

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Argentina: Unprecedented UFO Wave in Victoria

Argentina: Odd Creature Seen in Entre Rios

Transcript: Interview with Creature Witness


Schwindelig – Kollektiv Turmstrasse [BUY] *No seriously buy this album, it’s superb*

The New Division – Starfield via Troysnoise

LifesoundsDrifting in Silence
“Broken Orchestra” (mp3)
from “Lifesounds”
(Labile Records)

More On This Album

The Suburbs EPGreenville Massive
“MRG” (mp3)
from “The Suburbs EP”
(Soul Sheep Music)

More On This Album

Final Track – Regular Show

Lefties Soul Connection – 12 Inch Rims

Orelha Negra – Blessed via Word is Bond

Was Bleibt – Kollektiv Turmstrasse [BUY]

Ni Ten Ichi Ryu – Photek [BUY]


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