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5.03 – MU Podcast

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Suzanne Hansen, the founding director of New Zealand's Ufocus research organization joins us to discuss her 35 years of UFO research and personal contact experiences.

We also discuss the recent attacks on the methods of prominent alien abduction researchers and the validity of using hypnotic regression in discovering the true nature of the phenomenon.

Read on for show notes, links, and music.

Suzann Hansen



Meditation and the Brain

Telepathy Experiment

Alien Abductions Under Fire

Budd Hopkins and Abduction Research

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Mummy on the loose

Carl Higdon's Encounter

The Kikiyaon

Alien in the Bath Tub

Accidental Time Travel

Return of the Dogi

Monkey Arousal Experiment

Indonesian Crop Circle

Visualizing Giza


Tron - Purple Legacy (ill-esha Bootleg) via Salacious Sound

Planet Earth EPDeepcutt
"X-change" (mp3)
from "Planet Earth EP"
(Scion Records)

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Versificator EPVapor Maché
"Cracks Into Crevices" (mp3)
from "Versificator EP"
(Muti Music)

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Creep - Days (Deadboy Remix) via Avenge the Virgins

Break OutSwanken
"Lose The Man" (mp3)
from "Break Out"
(Musical Missionary)

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Final Track - Regular Show

High Highs - Flowers Bloom via Musicphile|osophy

Bombaman - 6. Diminished Separation (Uggle Remix) via The Stay Spun

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (Dave Sitek Remix) via Hejven

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