Mar 15, 2011 I Micah Hanks

Tsunami Strikes Japan, as Psychic Impressions of the Disaster Unfold

Yumiko Ono, a Japanese American instructor of Modern Foreign Languages at Western Carolina University, NC, found that she was unable to sleep in the early hours of Friday morning. "I just woke up in the middle of the night for some reason," she told the Asheville Citizen Times, noting how she normally has no problem sleeping at night. Wide-eyed and unable to rest, she opted to turn on the television, at which time it became apparent that a tremendous earthquake--later described as the most powerful to ever strike Japan--had caused widespread damage throughout the country.

Nowhere in Ono's testimony is there any claim that the disaster taking place across the globe had triggered her inability to sleep. Still, many similar accounts have begun to surface where others in parts of the world far removed from the quake itself seemed to suffer from sleeplessness, anxiety, and a host of other things around the time of the disaster.

Shawna Stratton of Colorado is a dance team coach with Mead High School near the town of Longmont. "I had my girls down at the state tournament at CU, (and) I didn't get home until around midnight,” she told the Longmont Times-Call on Friday. Much like Yumiko Ono, Stratton found herself unable to sleep upon returning home, and decided to surf the Internet while winding down for bed. Her iPhone was nearby when she received a message from her husband Dean, who had been en route from Japan on business at the time, alerting her about an earthquake in the region. Shawna began monitoring the news that was coming in, and even managed to pass along information to her husband via SMS texts about the ensuing tsunami, which he hadn't been able to learn about due to power outages.

True, it is perhaps more likely that Ono and Stratton had merely suffered a circumstantial bout with insomnia, which happened to coincide with the effects of Japan's tremendous earthquake early Friday morning. But an even more compelling circumstance was related by James Kojack of Georgia, who described his own encounter as follows:

Between about 11:30pm and 1:45am Thursday night & Friday morning I was so anxious I had to take my prescription anti-anxiety medication for the first time in over a month. (I was suffering) uncontrollable tics with sudden jerks of my neck and right arm, and an extreme sense of sadness was still with me when I awoke, which intensified once I learned of the tragedy in Japan. I lived on Hokkaido for 2 years and could go on for hours about my time there.

James noted that his grandmother had seemed to develop psychic abilities later in life, and had had a number of bizarre circumstances occur that were similar to his. "I am wondering if mine are finally beginning to manifest themselves," he offered. Could it indeed be that a number of individuals who had been connected in some way to Japan were able to "sense" the impending disaster as it occurred... and somehow do so prior to hearing official news of the earthquake?

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