Mar 29, 2011 I Micah Hanks

Walk Like a Man, Talk Like a Man: Sasquatches as “Manimals”?

Throughout various different reports of weird phenomenon that sometimes occur, I take particular delight in those where strange human-like creatures--namely those in the realm of Bigfoot and similar man-apes--display actions that are almost human. These range from simple gestures and arbitrary activities, to more complex functions that involve rudimentary speech, and even a few reports of Bigfoot wearing clothing.

Recently, during an email exchange with my associate Red Pill Junkie of The Dail Grail, we had been discussing a recent sighting of "Knobby", a creature seen around parts of Western North Carolina that resembles the infamous Sasquatches of the Pacific Northwest. "That new Knobby video annoys the crap out of me," RPJ told me. "It's obviously fake, but it kinda makes me think of that movie 'Mimic'... and not only because it was filmed by the almighty Guillermo Del Toro!."

RPJ explained that in the movie, "the monsters (in this case, giant bugs) learn how to mimic the shape and movements of humans. So what if Sasquatch learns to mimic the movement of a guy in a gorilla suit? think about it: the perfect ontological camouflage mechanism!"

Of course, RPJ and I were having fun with the argument at the time, since I had noted in a post at The Gralien Report that the "creature" in question (which, I must agree with my esteemed colleague, is a guy dressed up like a gorilla), seemed to make a hand gesture toward the camera. Subsequent to posting my reflections on the otherwise rather hilarious video, I came across this report later the same day, having taken place in Mississippi back in 1966, where a Bigfoot creature reportedly made a similar gesture toward two truck drivers:

Two truckers, William and James Cagle, were headed for Marietta, Georgia, on the Tuesday night, November 8, 1966. As they rounded a curve near Winona, Mississippi, a strange creature ran down a slope towards their vehicle.

"When my headlights picked him up, he was on our left side," James Cagle explained. "He was aggressive, angry, and ready to attack.... The face looked like a mixture of a gorilla and a human. The arms and legs were very large. The chest was at least four feet thick. His eyes glowed in the dark and did not seem to have pupils.

"It looked us over, then slowly raised an arm like the Indians do when they greet someone. I had seen all that I wanted. I floorboarded the accelerator and we moved out of there."

I find reports like this interesting, since I wonder if, in such instances, there's any realistic chance that the odd creatures being reported were actually trying to communicate? In terms of evolution and what we know about the way our early ancestors evolved, I'd go so far as to say here that, sometimes, I have a hard time believing that a creature that could have evolved into an upright walker similar to us would not do the sorts of human-like things Sasquatches are sometimes said to do, especially without having a particular intention behind such actions. This isn't to say that the "intent" in such cases is a surefire display of intelligence as we know it. Even still, there are a lot of reports of Sasquatches doing other humanlike things, such as wearing clothes and crude garments. Consider this report from 1964 in Canada, excerpted from the Wikipedia entry for the creature called "Nuk Luk":

In June 1964, near Fort Simpson around 9 p.m. a boy named Jerry reported seeing a strange creature. It had black hair on its head, upper body, and legs, and a black head, slightly pointed at the back. It also had a long, brown beard that reached its waist, and wore ankle-high boots, a mooseskin loincloth, and had a stone club in its hand. These creatures have been reported for hundreds of years and are said to have bootlike footprints and whistling calls. They have been reported from the Northwest Territories to Yukon to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

Could it actually be that Sasquatch creatures do in fact exhibit various aspects of what humans would deem culture, or at very least a sort of "protoculture" that acts a precursor to the things that got the evolutionary ball rolling for us, thus making humans the dominant species we are today? It's certainly food for thought... and illustrates the real travesty with regard to the way that mainstream scientific intelligentsia ignores reports of such creatures, since the mere act of supposing, just for a moment, that they might indeed exist could reveal so much about ourselves.

Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, and researcher whose interests cover a variety of subjects. His areas of focus include history, science, philosophy, current events, cultural studies, technology, unexplained phenomena, and ways the future of humankind may be influenced by science and innovation in the coming decades. In addition to writing, Micah hosts the Middle Theory and Gralien Report podcasts.

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