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Author and researcher Richard Sauder joins us to cover his extensive volumes on ultra top secret Underground and Underwater bases. This being a Mysterious Universe interview though Ben inevitability nudges the conversation into the metaphysical realm and Richard, showing his versatility, takes the opportunity to share his recent Ayahuasca visions.

Aaron takes us through the murky waters of MI-LABS once again before launching into some juicy poltergeist encounters towards the end of the show.

Read on for show notes, books, video and music.

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Richard Sauder

About Richard Sauder

Richard Sauder's Blog

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What if the Soviets got to the Moon first?

US Navy Laser Tested

Melinda Leslie Abduction Encounter


The Goon

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Poltergeists and Other Hauntings

Platner Abduction Experience

Hungry Judges


little people - Basique via Friends From Far

Mount Kimbie - Ode to Bear via AWmusic

Grouper - Alien Observer via Zen Tapes
El éxtasis de las flores pequeñasFederico Durand
"Elin" (mp3)
from "El éxtasis de las flores pequeñas"
(Own Records)

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Hyetal - Phoenix via Regnsky

Grouper - No Other via Zen Tapes

Jneiro Jarel - Lurk (Part 2) via This Bonus Track

The Middle East - Blood (Kill Them With Colour Remix) via Tracasseur

Hyetal - Phoenix via Regnsky

Trumpdisco - Teenage Crime (Trumpdisco Remix) via Wicked

Aaron Wright

Aaron Wright is one half of the Mysterious Universe team who brings expertise in the sciences. Ben and he formed 8th Kind Pty Ltd in 2008 to take MU to the next level.

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