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5.21 – MU Podcast

MU+ Extended

We do a great service for the Australian National Archives on this episode by helping them find their 'missing' UFO files by linking to them on their own site. We also cover explanations on the alleged base on Mars and the latest coded Crop Circles before checking back in with yet another self proclaimed 'Super Soldier' from the UK.

Plus+ Members are encouraged to wear helmets and rubber pants for their extension on this episode. If you sit in the first few rows, you WILL get wet, (and possibly encounter an Octoform being).

Show notes, music, and insane Youtube videos after the jump.


Nexus Conference

Mars "Structure" Found

Mars Structure Debunked

Lost Aussie DOD Files

Found Aussie DOD Files

Australian National Archives

Wanaque UFO Sighting

Jellyfish UFO

What the researchers think

The Man at the bottom of the Garden

Animal Effigies

Crop Circle Effigies


Plus+ Content

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Ken Adachi Madness

Alfred Webre Madness

James Casbolt Interview


The Mad Gasser

Artificial Brain

The Alice Illusion

Build a sex machine...


Zack Christ - Synthetik Maztermind ft. Bjørn Degn via ISO50

Random Rab - Master of Gyroscopes via indie shuffle

ET - Galaxy via EgyptianMaraccas

Jamie Xx - Far Nearer (limited vinyl) via The Smoking Section

Freeverse - Wind (Whisper) via Word Is Bond

EWH - Again Scratch 22 Remix via The Veal Pen

Reso - Holograms via earmilk

Scuba - Before (After) via ISO50

Benjamin Grundy

Benjamin Grundy started Mysterious Universe back in 2006. Every week he researches the fortean world and puts together the weekly free MU podcast, extended podcast and Plus + podcast alongside Aaron Wright.

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