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Longtime MU Plus+ Member Receives Rare 70’s Bigfoot Board Game: Father’s Day Ruined

UPSTATE NY, USA – A long time MU Plus member of the Australian based podcast Mysterious Universe recently shared with his wife a tweet showing an image of a long lost Bigfoot board game. SG’s [redacted] wife secretly tracked down the discontinued board game, and surprised him on Father’s Day with the gift.

“I was so impressed that the hosts dug up this image,” recalled SG. “I happened to show my wife the image and we had a good laugh…a few weeks later I was surprised over Father’s Day breakfast as she had magically tracked one down.”

Experts believe bigfoot (aka Sasquatch) to be a fearsome 7 to 8 foot creature, that eludes mankind by living deep in forests throughout the world.

However, this board game portrays the beast as a sweet-smiling puffball who inappropriately touches tiny, unsuspecting children.

After ripping the packaging off, the family of five decided to play. That is where the fun ended.

“A plastic Bigfoot is moved around the board, effectively pooping out chips from his backside,” explains SG. “Then, with no rhyme or reason, players are encouraged to roll a set of dice and move aimlessly around the board…it made no sense.”

SG explains that after 2 minutes, his teenagers showed signs of agitation, a drastic loss of attention (began texting), and left the table abruptly.

“It’s bad enough keeping my name out of the press for a sighting,” explained SG. “But playing the game is completely humiliating…I can never let anyone in my life know about this. My Father’s Day was ruined. It’s hard enough to get my kids together for a meal these days…thanks alot Bigfoot you F*****!”

The Milton Bradley Company has declined comment, pending further investigation into the matter.

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Benjamin Grundy started Mysterious Universe back in 2006. Every week he researches the fortean world and puts together the weekly free MU podcast, extended podcast and Plus + podcast alongside Aaron Wright.
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