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Of Beetles and Beatles: John Lennon, Uri Gellar, and Insect-Aliens

When it comes to the study of alleged alien beings from outer space and alternate dimensions, you might be surprised at how many reports involve otherwise inexplicable encounters with strange beings that resemble praying mantises and other insects. After touching on this weirdest-of-weird subjects in a recent article of mine, titled Insectual Relationships: Bug Beings and Mantis Men, I've been amazed at the sort of response I've gotten about such an obscure area of Ufology. As strange as reports of this variety can tend to be, there certainly seems to be something beneath the proverbial "surface" regarding the prevalence of bug-beings at the fringes of the human experience.

Often reported in claims of alien abduction, the appearances of bug-like beings and mantis-men are also rife throughout the claims of those who have evoked altered states of consciousness through the use of entheogenic hallucinations and ecstatic states, and even in the literature pertaining to remarkable coincidences and synchronicity, described by the likes of Carl Jung and others. But among the famous individuals who have described such encounters with bug-eyed alien beings, you may be surprised to find a bit of Rock 'n Roll history interwoven into this curious mythos.

To elaborate on this, one of my readers shared the following interesting parallel connecting insectoid-aliens, Terrence McKenna, and John Lennon of the Fab Four, who allegedly described his own encounter with insect-beings to psychic entertainer and mentalist Uri Gellar:

Terrence McKenna once described these (mantis) entities, during a DMT experience, as having offered gifts of “egg” like objects... he described the gift as a sort of Faberge Egg offered by, I believe, “Machine Elves”, entities often described both in DMT trips -AND- abduction accounts as working together in some fashion.

Now, cut to the story John Lennon supposedly told Uri Geller (what’s that groaning noise?) about an experience he had one night about Aliens showing up at his apartment, entities he described as “bugs” who apparently left him with a gift (at least according to the story)…that’s right…a golden egg like object that Geller still displays, the object who he says was given to him by Lennon, to this day. One may say that this is just a story, a coincidence, but Yoko to this day has not disavowed the tale, which included John showing the object to her (why include this if the story is made up?.

So here is yet another strange connection between DMT, Mantis/Bug aliens experiences and strange “egg” like objects offered as gifts. As I said, “far out”… Someone really needs to go deeper here…

If true, this story is certainly remarkable; interestingly, my friend and fellow researcher Timothy Green Beckley also relates a story where John Lennon described seeing a UFO near his New York City apartment, which perhaps lends some credence to his testimony of encounters with non-human entities. For more on this, I've linked a rather zany and hilarious video below, in which Beckley tells this odd tale in "campfire story" fashion:


So did John Lennon really have encounters with insect-like "Beetle Beings" (I'm merely creating a play on words here, as Lennon never actually described the beings he encountered as resembling beetles)? Did they visit the rock legend's apartment in New York on one or more occasions prior to his death? According to sources, Gellar has confirmed the story of the night time visit, which apparently occurred just one year prior to Lennon's death. Of course, I wonder about the "egg" that Lennon was allegedly given by these beings, too; if it exists, and perhaps more importantly, if it is indeed in the possession of Uri Gellar, has this mysterious object been tested in terms of its chemical composition and other physical attributes, in an effort to learn things that could reveal something about its potential as being an actual "alien artifact"?

On a side note, if you have stories of your own that you'd like to share about mantises and bug-eyed-aliens, or even just synchronistic stories involving denizens of the insect realm, we'd love to hear them! You can share your stories, as always, by posting in the comments section below, or by sending them via email.

Micah Hanks

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