MU Podcasts ISep 30, 2011

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We lead off on this week's long play with a wrap up of .. well, the crumbling of one of the cornerstones of physics, along with thoughts from Kaku, deGrasse Tyson, and others on the recent new s from CERN.

Recording dreams gets a look before we jump into discussions on life beyond death and why re-incarnation and past life memories are rarely discussed in the west, despite their frequent occurrence among young children.

Plus+ members, along with the usual goodness in their extension, get a jump on a new lead on the elusive Hans Fugar, overlapping space-time caves, and a Black Ops paramilitary unit lead by a celebrity physicist.

Did Einstein Get it Wrong?

Don't Rock the Scientific Boat...

Irish Case of SHC

Record and Play your Dreams

Life Beyond Death?

Why do we ignore Reincarnation?


The Australian Doolagarl

Plus+ Content

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 Argentina Entity Part 1

Argentina Entity Part 2

Incubus Attack

The Reptilian in my Shower... 

... and a major lead in tracking down Hans Fugar!


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Birdy Nam Nam - Written In The Sand via Vacay Wave

Ljones - Waterflo via Word is Bond

Samples - Drop Bombs (Original Mix) [BUY]

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