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Episode 503 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

The mysterious Sky Sounds return to locations around the world with some genuinely intriguing recordings and others admittedly hoaxed. We cover them all in detail and look at some of the more left of field explanations. 

Also featured is The Hall of the Lizard King, Magic Mushrooms, and more Killer Clowns.

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Noble Intentions: …But I Only Meant to Show People How Stupid They Are

When the World Sings: Can Strange Sounds Be Beautiful?

Could the strange sky sounds be…

Don’t Wake the Sleeping Sky Giant: Sky Noise in Oshawa, Jan 23

Hollywood Couldn’t Have Done a Better Job: Family, Dog and Cockatoo Hear a Strange Sky Sound

Time for Tea?: A Strange Brew in the Sky

The Trumpet of God

Strange Sounds in Edmonton Sky part of viral phenomenon

Are the strange sounds the start of the false flag alien invasion?

In the Hall of the Lizard King

Documented Close Encounters

This is how magic mushrooms trip up brain activity

Was A Genuine Unidentified “Saucer” Filmed Over Crestwood?

‘Magic mushroom therapy’ to treat depression could happen in UK inside a year

Mother’s CareEmpirical evidence shows that convening with nature can heal the mind

She Saw a Clown

The Cartoon Clown

B.C. polygamist tells court he’s paid church for 15 separate apocalypses


Nedry – A42 Amazon US 256kbps Mp3 iTunes 256kbps AAC

Mikedecline – G’d Up with Your Feet Up

Poupon – Lima (Original Mix) (DubNoir) Amazon US 256kbps Mp3

Monoroom – Klique Klaque (Solomun Remix) Juno Download Mp3/WAV Amazon US 256kbps Mp3

D.L.I.d – Colour In Your Hands (feat. Fink) Juno Download Mp3/WAV Amazon US 256kbps Mp3 iTunes 256kbps AAC


Aaron Wright is one half of the Mysterious Universe team who brings expertise in the sciences. Ben and he formed 8th Kind Pty Ltd in 2008 to take MU to the next level.
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