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Mapping the UFO Enigma: If Not Extraterrestrials, Then What?

Most people who become drawn to the subject of UFOs will at some point begin to come across stories that are just really weird. Some of them are so weird that even the notion of advanced extraterrestrial technology doesn’t seem to quite fit as a logical explanation for their existence.

Many who are drawn in by the UFO enigma will initially also accept the general attitude that most come to the field having: that UFOs represent interplanetary visitors, something along the lines of a crew of scientists who are probing our world and its occupants for something… perhaps to enrich their understanding of life elsewhere in the cosmos, much as we might do… or perhaps something a little more sinister.

Then there are “those other theories” involving UFOs. These range from everything including bizarre roboids from other worlds,  to the strange (and often campy or even outright ridiculous) claims involving Nazis and their secret space program. Even less popular notions, such as that of “meta-terrestrial” or interdimensional phenomenon, further complicate the matter. So what, at the end of the day, are we really dealing with? And, to wit, is there really much point in continuing to ask these sorts of questions, or are we merely continuing to exercise our futility?

I recently was enjoying a long, snowy drive to Winston Salem, North Carolina, while listening to an edition of Gene Steinberg’s The Paracast where UFO researchers Kevin Randle and Jim Mosely put forth their own ideas about various aspects of ufology, and how we’ve seen it coming together in different ways over the years. At one point early in the interview, Randle stated that he believed there were entirely terrestrial explanations for what we perceive as being “alien abduction.” I was equally amazed when Mosely stated that he felt there was no sufficient evidence that UFOs are in any way interplanetary! In other words, many of the finest researchers out there, as a result of their involvement of the serious study of strange UFO sightings and eyewitness encounters with landed craft, begin to shy away from the more “conventional” explanations for UFO origins.

As many readers of this blog know, I tend to gravitate toward the “less conventional” explanations myself; the time-tested models of UFOs that involve alien visitors don’t seem to balance this most-enigmatic of all equations, at least to my liking. Indeed, while perhaps even a majority of strange things seen in the skies are likely the result of technology that emanates from right here on Earth, there are also the high-strangeness reports which seem intimately connected in some way to human consciousness itself. While what we perceive as “alien abduction” may indeed seem physical, it could have far more to do with functions and processes taking place within our minds, and the ways human consciousness interprets the terrifying exchange of information with some sentient species that may be attempting to interact with us somehow… even if only on some non-physical level.

So what are we to make of UFOs then? While I can’t wholeheartedly “endorse” the following links, I include them nonetheless because of the variety of interpretations of UFO phenomenon that they represent. To different individuals from different backgrounds and world views, the UFO enigma will no doubt be interpreted quite differently from one instance to another… with any luck, the approaches outlined in the links that follow may assist in helping one come to their own unique conclusions as to what may really constitute the UFO phenomenon.

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