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The Ishtar festival, also known as Easter, is here once again, and with the theme of death and resurrection in our thoughts we welcome the University of Maryland's L. Suzanne Gordon  to discuss her fascinating research into the Near Death Experience.

Dr. Gordon has closely followed Near Death Experiencers for extended periods of up to 10 years, and she brings a unique insight into the impact is has had on their lives and what the NDE teaches us about our existence and the foundations of human consciousness.

Read on for show notes, links, and music.

L. Suzanne Gordon

Ph.D., University of Maryland

Suzanne's Twitter 

Faculty page UMCP

Dissertation abstract: Field Notes from the Light: An Ethnographic Study of the Meaning and Significance of 'Near Death Experiences



New Dawn Magazine - NDE Special

'Beautifully preserved' Siberian mammoth found

Time slips – readers’ personal experiences

The Creature of the Dump


ProleteR - U Can Get It via Dead Horse March

Sina. - One I Love via KEEPREAL

Mister Lies - I Walk (Ft. Jessica Blanchet) via Another Dying Art Form

Kan Sano‘s “Bha” EP via MOOVMNT

ProleteR - April Showers via Dead Horse March

Protassov - A New Beginning (Reloaded) via The New LoFi

Eleven Tigers - Stableface (Dark Sky Remix) via ReqEffect

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